Practitioner Course Accreditation

We are delighted to now offer the requirements for Animal Reiki Practitioner course accreditation, that will:

  • Raise standards of Animal Reiki training and practice
  • Enable accredited Animal Reiki courses to be listed on an accredited Animal Reiki course website directory – to answer our most popular Animal Reiki request “where can I do good quality Animal Reiki training?”
  • Encourage teachers running Animal Reiki Practitioner courses, to train their students to a level that meets expected requirements for Animal Reiki Practitioner recognition and membership
  • Enable Animal Reiki Teachers to have their Animal Reiki full training to Practitioner level accredited (e.g level 1 and 2) providing them with recognised credibility.


Student requirements if wishing to gain UKRF Animal Reiki Practitioner recognition and membership

  • Reiki level I and II completed
  • Minimum 9 months practice since Reiki I
  • Reiki Attunements/Initiations/Reiju must have been received in-person. No additional attunements are required for Reiki for Animals Practitioner recognition
  • Reiki lineage must go back to Usui
  • Animal Reiki Teacher’s lineage must go back to Usui
  • Valid Reiki insurance (for people and animals)

    Teacher Requirements


    • UK Reiki Federation members seeking Animal Reiki Master Teacher membership
    • Non-UK Reiki Federation members who require Animal Reiki Teacher recognition in order to progress Animal Reiki Practitioner course accreditation


    • Already a UK Reiki Federation Animal Reiki Practitioner member (see MORE ABOUT ANIMAL REIKI | UK Reiki Federation).
    • At least 3 years practice offering Reiki to animals with the competence that would be expected of an Animal Reiki Practitioner
    • At least 200 practical Reiki sessions carried out across a variety of animals with a multitude of issues and situations to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of animals and the practical application of this knowledge and understanding
    • Animal Reiki Master Teacher certificate, signed and dated by a Master Teacher with Usui Lineage, if this training has been completed (to be submitted)
    • Reiki Master Teacher certificate indicating Reiki style, signed and dated by a Master Teacher with Usui Lineage (to be submitted unless already a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher member)
    • Valid insurance
    • Examples of how you will offer ongoing mentoring to your students.

    These requirements have been agreed as the necessary basic requirements by all nine member organisations of the Reiki Council.

    Spot checks may result in evidence being requested for up to 200 treatments. Please ensure these are available and ready to send.

    Animal Reiki Practitioner training requirements  

    • Minimum of 24 hours contact teaching, to include theory content and practical work
    • 12 hours practical observed/ guided sessions in person – the other 12 can be in person physically, or electronically e.g. via zoom
    • Animals must be relevant to the qualification, with a variety of animals (minimum three species per course for practical work)
    • Examples from your experience or knowledge should also be shared
    • Teacher assessment of 30 written-up Reiki sessions across at least six different animals of varying species with a selection of issues (physical/mental/emotional) and different situations – to ensure that all students are confident competent and proficient in offering Reiki to animals with positive outcomes

    To gain Animal Reiki Practitioner membership, the student will need to be a UK Reiki Federation Reiki member (to at least Practitioner level) then successfully complete the application. (See MORE ABOUT ANIMAL REIKI | UK Reiki Federation).

    This course accreditation application form does not advise how the training should be delivered or provide extensive details. It simply details the subjects to be included in the training of Reiki with Animals through a combination of theory and practical application, and the outcomes to be achieved.

    For Animal Reiki Practitioners who use/ wish to use Animal Communication alongside Reiki, it is important to recognise that Animal Communication is a separate skill/ technique and requires its own training and qualification.

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