Animal Reiki Practitioner membership and Course Recognition – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I do good quality training or find out about courses that are recommended?

 A: We will soon be offering the opportunity for Animal Reiki Practitioner courses to be evaluated. The training will need to cover all of the teaching that we expect Animal Reiki Practitioners to know and competently deliver when offering Reiki to different animals in a variety of situations. Once courses are evaluated and approved, they will be publicised on our directory of approved courses. Beyond this we are unable to make any Animal Reiki course recommendations.

Teachers will also need to meet expected criteria. The starting point is for teachers to meet the requirements of an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

Q: Why did UKRF initiate a Reiki Council project to develop a set of requirements for the recognition of Animal Reiki Practitioners?

A: We recognised the growing interest in Reiki for Animals across vets, animal health practitioners and animal owners/carers. Many Reiki Practitioners were already working with animals and we were receiving frequent requests for good quality courses. We were also aware of the increasing popularity of online courses, their varying quality and their typical omission of in-person practical work with associated observation and guidance.

To work effectively and competently, Animal Reiki Practitioners require a good understanding of animals and UKRF felt it to be important for a common set of standards to be created to optimise the credibility and professionalism of Animal Reiki. All Reiki Council member organisations agreed and collectively, we have developed these criteria. Some organisations are offering a one-off recognition. UKRF is offering membership, which provides you with an annual certificate, for enhanced ongoing credibility.

We view Animal Reiki as a profession in its own right and not just an add-on to Reiki.

Q: What is the basis for recognising Animal Reiki Practitioners?

A: In Reiki (as opposed to Animal Reiki), most practitioners are trained to level II, Master Practitioner or Teacher. Some have progressed further to do National Occupational Standards [NOS] (Level 3) Professional Practice training, which enables registration on the UK Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Register of accredited Complementary Therapy Practitioners. This allows GPs to refer patients to them.

Reiki for Animals will also have level 2 and [NOS] Level 3 qualifications. To provide clear differentiation, we are defining level 2 as Practitioner level, and level 3 as Professional Practice.

Three NOS specific to Reiki for Animals have been developed in conjunction with LANTRA* and form the basis of our requirements for Animal Reiki Practitioner membership and course approval.

Initially we are launching Practitioner level but the higher NOS level will follow in 2021.

* Lantra has worked with the Agricultural, Environmental and Animal Care sector for over 50 years, initially as a National Training Organisation and now a Sector body. It has worked with employers, trade bodies, professional organisations, regulatory organisations, industry experts, voluntary organisations, trade unions and other partners throughout the UK to develop and review National Occupational Standards (NOS), qualifications and apprenticeships for occupations at all levels.

Q: What is the benefit of being professionally recognised and becoming an Animal Reiki Practitioner/Master Practitioner/ Teacher member?

A: – public credibility

– an annual certificate from a professional UK Reiki organisation

– Animal Reiki membership benefits

Q: How do I apply to be recognised as an Animal Reiki Practitioner?

A: You will need to meet the pre-requisites and then submit a completed application form with the required evidence. See More about becoming an Animal Reiki Practitioner member

Q: What does the Animal Reiki Practitioner membership cost?

A: The application fee is £40. This covers admin costs and the evaluation of your application with possible discussion and follow up. For UKRF Reiki members, there is no additional annual fee for Animal Reiki membership.

You can also join as an Animal Reiki only member – the fee is then £40 for your application plus the UKRF annual membership fee. 

Q: How long does the process take once I submit my application?

A: You should receive an initial reply within 7-10 working days. The length of the process will depend on the provision of all required details/ evidence and the expertise demonstrated in your application.

Q: How do I know if my existing training/ experience qualifies me for Animal Reiki membership?

A: Please see More about becoming an Animal Reiki Practitioner member for the pre-requisites and application form checklist. You will need to answer a number of competency-based questions. If you are able to draw on good quality Reiki training, other learning and experience, you are likely to qualify.

Q: How do I further my training for Animal Reiki membership if my training didn’t include topics such as Understanding Animals, related legislation and health & safety requirements?

A: Please do further training/ learning. You may like to do your own research/ learning, obtain further training or the publication: Understanding Animals: A working guide for Reiki Practitioners will provide what you need to know and apply.

If you choose to purchase this publication, keep it handy for future reference as it is likely that you will want to read it more than once to absorb the information.

Q: I have been giving Reiki to animals for many years and have a wealth of expertise, do I have to pay for training that I don’t feel I need?

A: Recognition of Animal Reiki Practitioners is intended to ensure that the Practitioners meet a set of common standards, requiring them to be knowledgeable, competent and proficient in relation to animals and the delivery of safe and effective Reiki practice. For those who have not undergone formal Animal Reiki training but who have a minimum of 100 hours of Reiki experience with a variety of animals in numerous and variable situations, then you may complete the Animal Reiki Practitioner membership application form, answering all questions fully.

Q: Am I required to be a member of UKRF to apply for Animal Reiki membership?

A: You will need to join UKRF to become an Animal Reiki member, but you can just join as an Animal Reiki Practitioner/ Master/ Teacher member, or join as a Reiki member and receive Animal Reiki membership for no additional annual cost. In all cases, you will need to demonstrate your competence in the application form, for which a small evaluation and admin fee applies. 

Q: Do I need additional Attunement/Initiation/ Reijus to be an Animal Reiki Practitioner?

A: As you need to have Reiki level II to be an Animal Reiki Practitioner, you will have had all the Reiki Attunements/Initiations/ Reijus you need to be able to work with animals in- person or from a distance. Additional Attunements/Initiations/ Reijus are permitted but are not deemed necessary or specifically recognised.

Q: I have trained and am skilled in Equine Reiki but I haven’t trained across a range of animals, will you be offering membership for Equine Reiki only?

A: We do intend to recognise our members with Reiki knowledge, skills and expertise relating to a single species, however this will follow the initial Animal Reiki launch. Please let us know if this is what you are looking for by sending an email and brief note to [email protected]. We will then notify you when we can accept your application.

Q: I wish to be recognised for Animal Reiki at Professional Practice level, do I need to apply at Practitioner level and upgrade when the NOS level is launched?

A: You can wait until we launch level 3, National Occupational Standards [NOS] recognition or apply now for Practitioner recognition and upgrade when the NOS application is launched. By applying now, you can start to gain credibility and raise awareness and be publicised on our website when successfully evaluated.

Q: I am interested in applying for Animal Reiki membership and course approval at the NOS level when this is available. Is it possible for you to provide the links to the NOS? ?

A: The NOS can be found on the links below. More details and a core curriculum will be made available when the documents have been produced and this level of membership/ course approval is available.


LANACT 1 – Assess and define an animal’s needs for complementary and natural/holistic healthcare


LANACT 2 – Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural/holistic healthcare for an animal


LANACT 3 – Offer Reiki to animals


Additionally, LANAnC10 – Observe and be aware of the behaviour of animals is expected to be met

Q: I have a condition which means that I struggle with writing, am I able to complete applications by answering the questions by audio or video means?

A: We wish to be inclusive and are happy to discuss options.

Q: Are assisted digital options available. I do not have a means to print the paperwork?

A: We would ask that requests for paperwork are kept to a minimum but we will do what we can to assist where you need help, where this is necessary and no other options are available.

Q: Who do I contact for more information?

A: Please email [email protected]

UK Reiki Federation
9 Barnfield Close
Old Coulsdon
Surrey, CR5 1QR

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0203 745 9746

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