CNHC News – October 2018

The Public Health England and NHS Stoptober campaign is back from 1st October. CNHC is encouraging registrants and other complementary therapy practitioners to support this public health initiative by making patients aware of the variety of services available to help quit smoking.

CNHC News – September 2018

A project aiming to understand what happens during Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) consultations is being undertaken as part of a PhD project at King's College London. This project contributes to King's College London's role in conducting research, teaching and research methods.

New! Discounts Exclusive to Members

This year, the Management Committee decided to work on widening the number of benefits for our members. The idea is to find a pool of businesses which would provide discounts to our members. The services and products can be both business related and used in everyday life: from supplies for [...]

CNHC News & Notices August 2018

The election process for the Reiki Profession Specific Board (PSB) will begin on Monday 1 October 2018. PSB members are elected by registrants in order to give CNHC registered practitioners a direct say in who will act as advisers to CNHC's Board.

VACANCY FOR Reiki Practitioner in Hospital

We are urgently looking for one more experienced CHNC registered Reiki practioner to make up a pair to join the CRWM team.

CNHC News & Notices July 2018

Last month the NHS Natural Health School opened its doors at the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre in Harrogate. The school is the first of its kind and was created in response to complementary therapy services frequently being unavailable to cancer patients, despite the positive physical and [...]

REIKI: What’s it all about?

The education sector within the UK Reiki Federation has grown exponentially in the last few years. With the development of the Reiki Regulation Working Group in 2003 we started the movement to get Reiki recognised alongside mainstream medicine.

Reiki in Hospitals

I have been very fortunate to join the Full Circle Fund Therapies team offering Reiki to support very sick children and adults, their carers and staff in areas of critical need at St George’s Hospital, SW London. The training has been delivered from a clinical perspective in an acute medical [...]

Reiki for Animals – Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is a forward-looking rescue centre with the owner and management appreciating the value of Reiki and the benefit that it can offer to the cats in their care.A manager from Yorkshire Cat Rescue approached Friends Of Baxter and asked if Reiki could be offered to help their [...]

Reiki in Schools

There is an exciting collaboration with Cranmer Primary School following conversations with the Headteacher (herself a Reiki Master Practitioner) about well-being of staff and staff retention. Currently six teaching professionals have been trained to Reiki level 1, with a further eight being [...]

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