UK Reiki Federation Animal Reiki Practitioner and Animal Reiki Master Teacher membership are now available. As an Animal Reiki member, you will receive a number of Animal Reiki member benefits and an annual certificate. The latter requires the submission of continuing professional development (CPD) evidence.
You need to be a Reiki member but the great news is that there is no annual fee to be an Animal Reiki member also, just the one-off fee for your initial Animal Reiki Practitioner application and a subsequent £5 one-off Animal Reiki Master Teacher application fee.


If you wish to work regularly with animals, we recommend Animal Reiki training/ expertise. Being recognised by UKRF as an Animal Reiki Practitioner member will then demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skill expected of Animal Reiki Practitioners.

If you are applying as a new member you will need to join as a Reiki Practitioner/ Master Practitioner/ Master Teacher first, as appropriate, and then add Animal Reiki Practitioner membership. You can then, if suitably qualified and experienced upgrade to an Animal Reiki Master Teacher member.

Our Animal Reiki membership application form has been created to:

  • Help applicants be fully prepared to conduct Reiki sessions with animals competently in a safe, legal and completely ethical manner
  • Enable UKRF to professionally recognise proficient practitioners
  • Raise standards of Animal Reiki training and practice
  • Create a solid platform from which to generate awareness of Animal Reiki as a profession in its own right, and publicise both recognised practitioners and accredited training courses

The criteria for Animal Reiki Practitioner recognition were created with all of the other Reiki Council member organisations and are based on fundamental requirements of the National Occupational Standards for Offering Reiki to Animals, developed in conjunction with Lantra*.

*Lantra has worked with the Agricultural, Environmental and Animal Care sector for over 50 years. After being a National Training Organisation, in 2005 it became a Sector Skills body and has worked with employers, trade bodies, professional organisations, regulatory organisations, industry experts, voluntary organisations, trade unions and other partners throughout the UK to develop and review National Occupational Standards (NOS), qualifications and apprenticeships for occupations at all levels.


  • Reiki level I and II certificates or equivalent held
  • Minimum 9 months since Reiki I
  • Reiki (as opposed to Animal Reiki) Attunements/Initiations/ Reiju in-person
  • An Animal Reiki certificate (equivalent to Practitioner or level II Animal Reiki) held OR, if no formal training and applying based on experience, at least 100 hours offering Reiki to animals (at least 75% in-person)
  • Animal Reiki training should have included in-person practical sessions for teaching/observation/advice
  • A valid insurance certificate (or a letter from your insurance company) stipulating cover for offering Reiki to people and animals. Without suitable insurance, your professional recognition is not valid. Insurance companies will typically add this additional cover free of charge if you contact them with your request and relevant Animal Reiki Practitioner certificate/details


Before you complete the application form, in addition to meeting the pre-requisites (above), please check the points below to confirm that you are ready to apply. If all answers are YES, we look forward to receiving your application request and supporting you on your journey, benefiting animals through the compassionate use of Reiki.

  1. I agree to complete a detailed application form demonstrating my knowledge and expertise in offering Reiki to a variety of animals (at least 3 species)
  2. I understand that my fees are non-refundable, once any evaluation has been carried out
  3. Have you written up a minimum of 30 Reiki sessions across at least six different animals, including 3 different species? (100 if no Animal Reiki training has been carried out). These notes should be factual and legible. Notes from 10 sessions will need to be submitted, all may be requested on occasions
  4. Have you offered Reiki to animals with a selection of physical, mental and emotional issues?
  5. Do you have a copy of your animal client information and consent paperwork for Animal Reiki sessions? An example will need to be submitted with your application. It is recommended for consent to be in writing
  6. Are you aware of Red Flag symptoms, have a list and know what to do if observed?
  7. Are you aware of notifiable diseases, have a list and know what to do if asked to offer Reiki to an animal with one?
  8. Are you familiar and compliant with relevant veterinary and animal welfare legislation?
  9. Are you confident in acting in a way to optimise the safety of yourself and others when offering Reiki to animals?
  10. Do you understand basic animal body language for animals you will work with and know how to respond?
  11. Are you aware of basic animal anatomy e.g. locations of major organs and bones? – You will need to add a few labels to diagrams
  12. Are you aware of and compliant with GDPR requirements?

If you have some Animal Reiki knowledge/ experience/ training but require additional training/ education/ experience then there are a range of options:

For anyone who may like to progress to further Reiki training that meets National Occupational Standards (comparable to professional practice in Reiki required for CNHC registration), this will be part of the process towards the higher qualification.

We are aware of species-specific Reiki courses e.g. equine and canine. However, we encourage students to initially learn to offer Reiki to a variety of animals. If you have specialised at this level, only intend to work with the respective species and are wishing to make an application, please contact us directly via [email protected]


Once you are an Animal Reiki Practitioner member, you can upgrade to Master Teacher membership, subject to meeting the requirements below.


  • Animal Reiki Practitioner member
  • Reiki Master/Master Teacher member
  • If an Animal Reiki Master Teacher, submit certificate (not essential but preferred)
  • At least 3 years practice offering Reiki to animals with the competence that would be expected of a recognised Animal Reiki Practitioner
  • 200 Animal Reiki sessions carried out across a variety of animals with a multitude of issues/situations
  • Examples of how you will offer ongoing mentoring to your students

Spot checks may result in evidence being requested for up to 200 treatments. Please ensure these are available to send.

NB. Working with dogs, horses and any other potentially dangerous animals, in particular, poses an increased safety risk and hence must demand a higher degree of competency in relation to understanding and responding to body language and behaviour, also general awareness of the species and breed differences.

"Reiki is not a magical cure and is not an alternative to conventional veterinary care but it is a natural, calm therapy that promotes the body’s natural process of self-healing and is enjoyed by many animals."

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