As Reiki practitioners we know that Reiki works. Each of us has our own stories to tell of the amazing effects of Reiki. Collectively this can be called anecdotal evidence and it has convinced many patients and students to try it for themselves. And once people try Reiki, they tend not to need any further convincing.

Medical professionals and scientists, however, are often looking for more evidence before they accept Reiki.

One of the Federation’s objectives is to help provide information on the type of research that can provide this evidence.
We have set up a dedicated research group to support this. The team has started to collect and evaluate the scientific studies and reports of clinical trials already done on Reiki and to compile them in a comprehensive list.

Each paper is evaluated in terms of the study design, the results obtained and whether it contributes to a robust evidence base showing that Reiki is effective before being added.


The group will focus on compiling reviews of the reiki research published according to the search criteria below.


  • Randomised controlled research/Observation studies/Phenomenology
  • No more than 10 years old
  • Reiki treatments
  • Reiki combinations


  • Pub Med
  • Reiki study library hosted by the European Reiki Group
  • NCBI
  • Google Scholar
  • Other Databases


Date Author Title Therapeutic Area
2010 Jain S1, Mills PJ. Biofield therapies: helpful or full of hype? Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2016 Drew BL1, Motter T, Ross R, Goliat LM, Sharpnack PA, Govoni AL, Bozeman MC, Rababah Care for the Caregiver Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2011 Cuneo CL, Curtis Cooper MR, Drew CS, NaoumHeffernan C, Sherman T, Walz K, Weinberg J. Effect of Reiki on work-related stress Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2014 Thrane, S Cohen, SM Effect of Reiki Therapy on Pain and Anxiety in Adults Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2011 DiazRodriguez L, ArroyoMorales M, Fernandezde-las-Penas C, Garcia Lafuente F, Garcia-Royo C, TomasRojas I. Effects of Reiki on heart rate variability Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2011 Bowden D, Goddard L, Gruzelier J Efficacy of Reiki at benefitting mood and well-being Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2015 Deible S, Fioravanti M, Tarantino B, Cohen S Integrative Coping and Resiliency Program for Nurses Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2019 Dyer NL, Baldwin AL and Rand LW Large-Scale Effectiveness Trial of Reiki Pain and Mental Health
2016 Kurebayashi LFS, Turrini RNT, Souza TPB, Takiguchi RS, Kuba G, Nagumo MT Massage and Reiki to reduce stress and anxiety Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2017 Mangione L, Swengros D and Anderson JG Mental health wellness and biofield therapies Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2011 DiazRodriguez L, ArroyoMorales M,CantareroVillanueva C, Polley M and Fernandezde-las-Penas C. Nurses Diagnosed with Burnout Syndrome Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2009 Vitale A Nurses lived experience of Reiki for self care Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2013 Ferraresi M, Roberta Clari, Moro CI, Banino E, Boero E, Crosio A, Dayne R, Rosset L, Scarpa A, Serra E, Surace A, Testore A, Colombi N, and Piccoli BG Reiki And Related Therapies In The Dialysis Ward Pain and Renal
2015 Joyce J and Herbison G P Reiki For Depression And Anxiety Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2019 Zins C, Hooke MC, Gross R Reiki for Pain During Haemodialysis Pain and Renal
2017 McManus DE Reiki is better than Placebo Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2015 Rosada RM, Rubik B, Mainguy B, Plummer J, MehlMadrona L Reiki Reduces Burnout Among Community Mental Health Clinicians Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2013 Tarantino B, Earley M, Audia D, D’Adamo C, Berman B. Resiliency Program For Healthcare Professionals Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
2015 Bukowski EL The use of self Reiki for stress reduction and relaxation Anxiety, Stress and Burnout

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