Thursday night’s intention was absolutely incredible, we literally had thousands of participants sending healing from each continent of our wonderful planet. As a result, we are arranging to do this again on Sunday 29th March at 8pm. If you would like to also follow us on Facebook, the event is listed


Please join the UK Reiki Federation in this worldwide collective distance healing session on Sunday 29th March 2020, from 8 – 8.30pm GMT.

We extend this invitation to ALL – Reiki practitioners at all levels; Reiki organisations and groups worldwide; as well as spiritual healers from all backgrounds and traditions; crystal healers and therapists (bring your lemurian quartz if you have any!); meditators, yoga communities; prayer and mantra groups; and all other holistic and spiritual individuals across the globe.

Please join us on Sunday 29th March at 8pm GMT and participate in any way that you wish, sending distance healing to the COVID-19 situation gripping our world at the moment.


On Sunday 29th March at 8pm GMT, please send the high vibration of loving light to the positive outcome of the COVID-19 situation, to release fear, to visualise healthy immune systems, to visualise kindness and peace to all. To set the intention for this loving energy to continue until all is resolved.

Please do feel free to share this intention with any groups you may belong to and please do make time to self heal and boost your own immune systems. We are blessed to be part of a fantastic healing community and from all of us at the UKRF, we wish you all healthy healing.

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