Nominations for election to the Management Committee have now been received and full details on candidates are given below. No further nominations may now be made for elections for the current year.

Voting for election to the Management Committee will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Friday 24th April 2020 or by this web based form to the Secretary by April 10th 2020. You may cast one vote for each nominee, if voting by webfom you will not have another vote at the Annual General Meeting. All forms will be subject to checking to ensure that the Member has a current and valid membership, and any which are not validated will be discounted. Once validated, your vote will be registered.


Anne-Marie Carratu

Proposed: Sue Malcolm | Seconded: Tom Jones

“I discovered Reiki in 2001 when I learned it to treat my son, who has Autism. His remarkable improvement, when treated regularly with Reiki, was astounding and my passion for Reiki grew experientially. Giving up my full-time corporate work in 2007, I have since become a full time Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher, also working at St George’s Hospital, SW London as part of the Connecting Reiki with Medicine team. I joined the UKRF as an Area Rep in 2011 and was then invited to join the Management Committee that same year. For the last two years I have been Education Coordinator for the UKRF and as a qualified teacher and assessor, I am also part of the CNHC’s PSB board for Reiki education. As Acting Chair now, I would like to see the UKRF go from strength to strength and am committed to the UKRF being the most outstanding Reiki organisation that can be achieved in the UK.”

Vice Chair

Wendy Hick

Proposed: Anne-Marie Carratu | Seconded: Tom Jones

“I have been in the teaching profession for 27 years and in that time have held a variety of leadership and consultancy roles. I am currently in my third headship and I am the Headteacher of a large, inner city primary school in London. I am passionate about well-being and I am a qualified meditation teacher [accredited by the British School of Meditation] a Reiki Master Practitioner and a Leadership and Life Coach. I have been meditating for over 30 years and enjoy teaching others about the many benefits that meditation can bring. I started my Reiki journey in 2015 and became a Master Practitioner in 2017. During this time I have been instrumental in promoting Reiki within schools. I feel honoured and privileged to be part of the Management Committee and taking over the role of Secretary. I look forward to supporting the UKRF in developing its aims and fulfilling its vision.”

Committee Member-Clinical Coordinator

Sharon Penny

Proposed: Sue Malcolm | Seconded: Anne-Marie Carratu

“I have been in nursing for 40 years and in 1996 I became a Registered General Nurse and also qualified as an Aromatherapist in Holistic Massage. The main part of my nursing career has been in Palliative Care and for the last six years as Complementary Coordinator, organising all the therapy treatments within the Hospice. I am working as a Care Advisor for a GP surgery with the chronic long term patients looking at different and more holistic ways of dealing with their conditions. Over the last year I have qualified as a Reiki Practitioner with the UK Reiki Federation to use within palliative care. I also work as a Reiki Practioner from home, and in the future hopefully using Reiki as part of social prescribing for the GP practice as I am passionate about getting Reiki and other complementary therapies in to GP practice as part of prescribed treatments. I look forward to being part of the Reiki Federation team.”

Committee Member-Reiki Research coordinator

Torsten Lange

Proposed: Anna Maria Walton | Seconded: Anne-Marie Carratu

“My Reiki journey started more than a decade ago, and I have been a member of the UK Reiki Federation for almost as long. Having founded the Reiki Academy London, I am a full time Reiki Teacher, Author, and Researcher. My first book about Reiki was published by Hay House a few years ago, and I am currently working on my second which explores the connections between Reiki and the idea of reincarnation. I have done research into the history of Reiki in Japan and recently worked with a Swiss laboratory exploring the effects of Reiki on water (yes, it improves the water quality significantly). My current work includes new research projects of Reiki as a complementary therapy for humans, and how it can mitigate the effects of climate change. I am also Research Coordinator for the UK Reiki Federation.”

Committee Member-National coordinator

Laura Clark

Proposed: Sue Malcolm | Seconded: Anna Maria Walton

“I’m Laura, an at-home mum to four – three girls and one boy, whom the girls claim is my favourite! Reiki came into my life almost nine years ago, and i’ve loved every bit of my Reiki journey. I’ve met so many amazing people and made friendships that will last for life. I love that Reiki is accessible to everyone. I’ve recently qualified as a Master Teacher and am really excited about the next year ahead. As our local area rep for Perth and Kinross I have events and shares planned starting early this year, and I am honoured to be holding the banner for The UK Reiki Federation.“

Committee Member- Compliance coordinator

Rachel Ford

Proposed:Tom Jones | Seconded Sue Malcolm

“I have been a member of the UKRF since 2013. I joined the UKRF Management Committee in 2019 as Compliance Coordinator and will be working with the Federation to review and ensure that our policies and procedures are compliant and up to date with current industry and legal standards. Prior to training as a complimentary
therapist I worked extensively in retail, gaining experience in several departments dealing with different aspects of compliance. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, registered with the CNHC for both Reiki and Massage. I have post graduate qualifications in a number of advanced massage techniques, Ayurvedic therapies and Tsuboki foot massage. My practice is located in Berkshire and I am currently in the process of completing a level 4/5 diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy, and writing my own Reiki course material which will follow the Core Curriculum National Occupational Standard for Reiki.”

Committee Member / Events coordinator

Samantha Metcalfe

Proposed: Sue Malcolm | Seconded Anna Maria Walton

“My Reiki journey started in 2016 and it is incredible how this has developed with an ever increasing passion for learning, sharing and teaching Reiki. I also work full time within project delivery that gives me a unique insight into the magic ingredients for a successful project. This has included work around personalised services that make a difference to people, as well as coordinating and facilitating training, workshops, courses and events. I am grateful to family and friends who support me and keep me grounded to enable me to practice and teach Reiki evenings and weekends. It is an honour to join the UKRF team to support members and to promote the benefits of Reiki … together we can make a difference .“

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