The Connection Between Yoga and Reiki

In this pre-recorded interview Nikita talks about her journeys into Yoga and Reiki and explains how she embraces both practices both personally and in order to enhance her clients’ experiences. Nikita makes a definite connection between prana and ki/chi/qi, energy being the common thread between Yoga and Reiki and then also talks about meditation, an important part of Yoga and Reiki learning and a way of tapping into your intuition to help self and clients alike.
Nikita is a multifaceted teacher, writer and speaker who is passionate about guiding people of all ages on a journey of self-discovery through mindful movement, meditation, and mindset. Nikita has dedicated her life to supporting others achieve their goals and dreams. She is a classical Indian dance teacher, yoga instructor, reiki master and NLP coach with a mission is to inspire, empower and transform lives through her holistic approach and compassionate guidance.
Author of ‘Meditation through Poetry’.

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