Discussions have been taking place with the Reiki Council member organisations and Balens Insurance with regard to teaching Reiki online and giving distant attunements.

The statement released by the Reiki Council on 29th March 2020 can be read here and is noted below: http://www.reikicouncil.org.uk/

Due to the extraordinary circumstances, we as a community and as a nation are experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic, the Reiki Council has the responsibility of issuing a clear directive regarding the use of distant initiations/attunements/reiju for Reiki students.

The Reiki Constitution states that the Reiki Council Member Organisations are representing people who have been attuned/initiated to Reiki in person, face-to-face, by their Reiki Teacher.

The Reiki Council supports all member organisations, therefore if you are a member of a professional association (PA) please refer to your PA for specific guidance.

The UKRF, in line with our own Constitution and also being a member of the Reiki Council, do not and will not acknowledge online distant attunements in any circumstance. If you are now offering online courses, please ensure you do not certificate these and please ensure that once social distancing restrictions have been lifted, that you meet with your students to carry out all practical teachings/assessments and attunements in person. Only theory can be taught online using a simultaneous electronic presence of the learner and the teacher, using Zoom, Skype, Gotomeeting or WhatsApp.

CNHC approved course providers were sent a directive by the CNHC on 17th March 2020, explaining how theory can be taught online. If you did not receive this email, do please contact them.

Wishing everyone stays well.

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