Survey of Practitioners

Survey shows significant increase in patients presenting with mental health issues

A survey by the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) of complementary, traditional and natural healthcare therapists revealed a 63% increase in patients presenting with mental health related issues, including anxiety and stress.

In total, 1351 therapists and practitioners shared their experience of working post COVID and during a cost of living crisis. Figures show therapists are facing challenging times. Incomes are under strain due to increased costs, and patients are reporting that they are unable to come as often, or not at all, due to financial pressures. An unexpected and worrying statistic to emerge, though, was that 63% of therapists who highlighted different patient symptoms reported more presenting with mental health issues, including anxiety and stress.

If we get a situation in which there is growing patient demand for mental health support, but where patients cannot afford to access it privately, then the potential knock-on effect on under pressure NHS services could be significant. Already, patients are telling therapists that they are finding it difficult to get help through their GP.


Three Quarters of therapists were concerned about the impact of rising energy costs on their businessness


14% said that they were unsure how they would be affected after March 2023 ( Government Support Ends )

63% of therapists highlighted more patients presenting with mental health issues, including anxiety and stress.
Cost Of Health Survey

Oct/ Nov 2022

Following Covid restrictions and continued pressure on NHS services, this is a worrying increase, given that patients are also struggling financially to access other support and reducing the frequency of their appointments.

Post COVID Changes

  • Client Enquiries 52% 52%
  • Income Post Covid Fallen 58% 58%
  • Increased Costs 68% 68%
  • Prices Static 45% 45%
  • Fewer Visits 80% 80%

5.36 Out of 10

The average level of confidence across the industry regarding the future viability of their business/practice moving forward in the current economic climate.

Despite challenging times there are clear signs in the survey that patients continue to need and seek services within our sector, and that therapists and practitioners across our industry make a huge contribution to the provision of healthcare in the UK.

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