Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of a pilot integrative coping and resiliency program for healthcare professionals




Tarantino B, Earley M, Audia D, D’Adamo C, Berman B.


Explore (NY). 2013 Jan-Feb;9(1):44-47. doi: 10.1016/j.explore.2012.10.002.


6 cohorts of health care professions (n=82) completed the healing pathways programme (90% were nurses). Participants were trained in prana yoga, musical toning for relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, intuitive body scanning, creative expression and Reiki to level 2.
Two self-reported questionnaires: the Perceived Stress Scale and the Coping Self-efficacy scale (both validated) were completed at baseline, 8 weeks (end of treatment) and at 12month follow up.
Quantitative and qualitative results were obtained


Stress levels decreased during the project and continued to be low at 12 months post project.
Reiki was singled out by one participant in the qualitative results as being “the most helpful skill I gained”.
This project did not show how effective Reiki was because it was combined with other techniques.

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