There are currently a number of professional organisations representing Reiki practitioners in the UK, of which the UK Reiki Federation is one of the largest.

We are one of many professional organisations. A professional association’s role is to represent its membership, looking after the needs of the professional therapist. A professional body will offer insurance, CPD opportunities, journals or newsletters, support groups, advertising leaflets, conferences etc.

In addition, professional organisations have a public role as the ‘faces’ of the professions they represent – we receive innumerable enquiries from the public about Reiki, and for requests for names of practitioners and teachers. It helps to promote these through advertising and attendance at exhibitions and conferences.


Regulator or Professional Association?

An example of this is the RCN (Royal College of Nursing) which is the professional body and the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) is the regulatory body.

Professional organisations have a key role in self-regulation, and the UK Reiki Federation is no exception.

UK Reiki Federation

Our federation was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting standards of good practice for Reiki. As one of the largest and most respected Reiki professional organisations in the UK, it is a not-for-profit organisation providing support for Reiki professionals, non-Reiki professionals and to the public.

Professional organisations have a key role in self-regulation, and we are no exception. For example, please see our Disciplinary Procedure, followed in the event of a complaint about a practitioner or teacher member.

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