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The UK Reiki Federation has a history of encouraging the pioneering use of Reiki. Many of our members have a great deal of experience in ‘breaking new ground’; diligently pushing back the barriers in raising awareness of the many and varied ways in which Reiki can be used to harmonise and balance all aspects of life thus promoting self-healing.

As an organisation, we constantly work to drive Reiki forward in other ways too – increasing standards, keeping up to date with relevant scientific research, sharing knowledge and providing expertise. Animal Reiki, Reiki research and Reiki training are key areas where we are currently leading progressive developments for and with the Reiki profession.

We have members working or otherwise helping in many specialist areas and we encourage them to share their experiences and expertise though our members magazine. For example, some of our members work in mainstream medicine and education as well as in complementary care.


Wide ranging and innovative settings for Reiki treatments and projects

A questionnaire conducted amongst Reiki practitioners within each of the Reiki Council organisations established a few years ago that Reiki is practiced in all of the following:

  • NHS Hospitals including Maternity Units, Cancer Wards/Clinics/Centres/Support Groups
  • Bristol Cancer Help Centre
  • Hospices
  • Carers Associations
  • NHS Occupational Health Departments
  • Physiotherapy Units
  • NHS Medical Centres
  • NHS Mental Health Units/Psychotherapy Clinics
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centres
  • Veterinary Settings
  • Animal Care Centres such as rescues and sanctuaries
  • Charity Premises
  • HIV/AIDS Organisations
  • Holistic Health & Healing Centres
  • Prisons (& young offender’s institutions)
  • Sheltered Accommodation Centres
  • Health, Leisure & Fitness Centre
  • Health & Beauty Spas/Farms
  • Hair & Beauty Salons
  • Convents
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Events
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Community Centres/Village Halls
  • Education – Schools & Adult & Further Education Colleges
  • Residential Care & Nursing Homes
  • Local Council Health & Harmony Events
  • Social Services Day Care Centres
  • GP & Dental Practices

Projects include:

  • Special Needs – learning & behavioural difficulties and mental health
  • Medical & Paramedical (some of our members are also doctors, nurses, physios, chiropodists etc. officially practising or promoting Reiki in the statutory sector)
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse/Addiction Programmes + Substance Abusers & Families Support Networks
  • Age Concern linked initiatives
  • Mid-air (for crew and passengers) during transcontinental flights
  • Workplace Occupational Health Schemes
  • By invitation at World trouble spots
  • Rough Sleepers Projects/Young Homeless/Vulnerably Housed Projects

If you are a Reiki practitioner working in an additional area please let us know.

Reiki is welcomed by people and animals of all ages from birth and childhood through to old age.

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