UK Reiki Federation - Reiki distance healing


The UK Reiki Federation offer their practitioner members the opportunity to become part of a large distance healing network, with a choice of two groups to join.



UK Reiki Federation practitioners give of their time each week to send Reiki healing to anyone who makes a request from anywhere in the world.

How the group works is that each week the volunteers receive a list of those people/animals/events that have requested healing and we all collectively send positive Reiki healing to everyone on the list, at a time that suits each one of us.

It has now been scientifically proven by Lynne McTaggart in these articles http://www.shareguide.com/McTaggart.html and https://lynnemctaggart.com/the-intention-experiment/ that healing is magnified when many healers are involved, so we are contributing an amazing vibration of positivity into our world and doing so much good, with so little effort. Imagine how brilliant it would be if even more members decided they too wanted to support other people, with minimum effort. It’s so simple just to place your hands on the list and send Reiki to everyone on it. It can be so quick if time is an issue for you and yet so powerful.



This group was set up so that UK Reiki Federation members can send Reiki to each other at specific times of the week.

How this group works is that we have a list of members’ names and allocated time slots in the week when we can send and receive Reiki energy to each other. The intention is to send Reiki for all the different time slots and then sit down and receive the energy whenever it is convenient for us to do so. Those members who have given me feedback all say they can feel the energy flowing during these times.

All UK Reiki Federation members are invited to join either or both of these groups and further details can be obtained in the Members Only Area.

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