Yorkshire Cat Rescue is a forward-looking rescue centre with the owner and management appreciating the value of Reiki and the benefit that it can offer to the cats in their care. A manager from Yorkshire Cat Rescue approached Friends Of Baxter and asked if Reiki could be offered to help their anxious and frightened cats and the first visit was arranged for late November 2017. On the first morning immediate benefits were evident for all to see. Visits (at no charge to the rescue) then became a regular occurrence with Reiki also being sent between visits to nervous or ill cats who were new to Yorkshire Cat Rescue and who were expected to particularly benefit.

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Sam Davies – Manager at Yorkshire Cat Rescue quoted “Since Friends Of Baxter have been coming to our Rescue we have noticed a distinct difference. The cats relax in a way we don’t normally see during the day. Reiki has helped nervous cats become more relaxed and settled which is wonderful for them and increases their chances of being rehomed more quickly too. We really appreciate the Reiki that is being offered here and would recommend it for other animal rescue and sanctuary centres”.


Already two volunteers have been trained at level 1 with plans to progress to level 2 (practitioner level) and ‘Reiki for Animals’ training – it is essential to learn this therapy by working with people first. This is just the start of an animal care project which it is hoped will expand locally to other local rescue centres, shelters and sanctuaries so that more ‘animals in need’ may benefit.

Below are just a couple of examples to show how Reiki has helped cats at Yorkshire Cat Rescue and could improve the lives of many more, enabling a greater number to be taken in and re-homed.


Reiki reduced Tiggy’s distress

Tiggy was a small 12-week-old ginger kitten with the end of one of her rear legs missing, presumed to be the unfortunate result of an accident caused by her mum in her early days. She was not very well and on pain killing medication, requiring her temperature to be taken regularly.

When the thermometer was gently inserted into her rear end she had screamed, squirmed and scratched fighting against this procedure which she clearly disliked. Reiki was offered to her for a few minutes before her next temperature reading.

After just a few minutes of receiving Reiki, Tiggy was yawning and showing early signs of relaxation. She was picked up by the care staff and as they took her temperature Reiki continued to be offered to her from a short distance away so as to maintain the energy flow. The staff were amazed. Tiggy made one small sound but no screeching, hardly any movement and no attempt to scratch. She was notably less distressed and all it took was less than 5 minutes of some gentle and non-invasive Reiki. Animals may not always be quite so responsive, but this reaction reinforces the appropriate use of therapies like Reiki to become commonplace to support veterinary care.


Reiki helped Munroe and her fear

Munroe had come from a home with a very large number of cats, so many cats in fact that the owner was sadly unable to give them the care and attention they required. She came into Yorkshire Cat Rescue very frightened and anxious and Reiki was requested for her.

Munroe lay in her ‘safe place’, turning around and moving towards the Reiki on offer and disappearing out of sight again after enough Reiki had been received for her first session. After two more sessions Munroe showed her openness to healing, Reiki was offered from inside her pen and at a closer distance, just three feet away from her.  Later in the session she closed her eyes and completely relaxed with her body open and front legs out-stretched. The staff commented upon not having seen her relax like this before. It felt wonderful. She had turned a corner and a week later someone came to re-home her.

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UK Reiki Federation advises that Reiki Practitioners who wish to work professionally with animals should complete specific Animal Reiki training. The Reiki Council, of which the UK Reiki Federation is an active member, is developing National Occupational training Standards for ‘Reiki for animals’ with supporting advice and criteria for being recognised as a professional Reiki Practitioner for Animals. See Reiki for Animals for more details.



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