The application of Reiki in nurses diagnosed with Burnout Syndrome has beneficial effects on concentration of salivary IgA and blood pressure




DiazRodriguez L, ArroyoMorales M,CantareroVillanueva C, Polley M and Fernandezde-las-Penas C.


Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem, 2011 Sept-Oct; 19(5):1132-1138


Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, using a crossover design, and conducted to compare the immediate effects of Reiki versus placebo (sham Reiki) in nurses with Burnout Syndrome.
Release of IgA is an unspecific immune response in the body against bacteria. Stress and burnout reduce the activity of the immune system so IgA release is a positive result.
N=18 female who experienced a 30 minute Reiki treatment and at another time a 30 minute sham Reiki treatment.


Reiki treatment resulted in a statistically significant a) release of IgA into the saliva (an immune response occurred) and b) a decrease in diastolic blood pressure (could be due to Reiki stimulating the autonomic nervous system).
Sham Reiki had no effect on the diastolic blood pressure and reduced IgA release.

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