We receive regular enquires about Reiki for Animals in relation to practitioners we can recommend and good quality Animal Reiki training courses. We cannot unfortunately answer these questions yet but we are moving closer to providing information to help and support you.

To date there have been no criteria for what defines a Reiki Practitioner who specialises in working with animals or the requirements of their training. So, as you may be aware, we are working with the other 7 UK Reiki organisations that make up the Reiki Council in agreeing common criteria. This is taking longer than expected but it will be beneficial and we anticipate more Reiki organisations coming on board to support these common standards going forward.

I am delighted to say we have made good progress and the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the professional training of Reiki for Animals have now been published by Lantra.
(Lantra is a nationally recognised awarding organisation with over 40 years’ experience of developing quality training and qualifications in areas relating to animal care and the environment).

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The NOS are titled:
• Assess and define an animal’s needs for complementary and natural/holistic healthcare
• Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural/holistic healthcare for an animal
• Offer Reiki to animals


Additionally, this already existing NOS must be met in full:
• Observe and be aware of the behaviour of animal


These documents will be used by the organisations that make up the Reiki Council to define the training requirements and the respective certification and membership of Professional Reiki Practitioners for Animals.


‘Reiki Practitioner for Animals’ Course approval

For any teachers interested in developing an approved training course or who have an existing course they would like to be approved please go to the members section of our website for the links to these NOS. If you are not a member please contact us.

Please note: These standards must be used in conjunction with the Professional Reiki Practitioner for Animals Core Curriculum and Teaching Guidelines which will follow shortly, and will also be added to the members section of our website.


Practitioners interested in future ‘Reiki Practitioner for Animals’ Membership

We are aware that some Reiki Practitioners will have completed training for offering Reiki to animals or have spent years offering Reiki to animals but they may not have covered all of the content we require in formal training and so we are proposing ‘top-up’ training and a verification process that will be as flexible as realistically possible to minimise additional necessary training and associated costs, whilst ensuring that the required standards of delivery are met.

This NOS level of training is comparable to the NOS training required for Professional Reiki Practitioners who are eligible (should they wish) for addition to the national Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Register of Accredited Complementary Therapy Practitioners, available for use by GPs to refer patients for treatments.

We need to aim high for the optimum development of the profession and to be respected by other professional animal healthcare practitioners, which should in time pay dividends, especially when supported by Animal Reiki research.

Further details on all of the above will be supplied when available.

Sue Malcolm
Animal Reiki Co-ordinator

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