Covid-19 swept through the Globe with no warning and at such a ferocious speed that the human race had no prior opportunity to prepare their mindset on how every person’s life was going to be affected. This pandemic has left so many lives in turmoil, whether due to illness, death, furloughed jobs, redundancy, business closures, unable to see loved ones; the list goes on.

Today is National Stress Awareness Day so let us spare a kind thought for all those people who are dealing with stress related symptoms and send much needed love and healing to everyone affected.

As Reiki practitioners, there is much we can do to help alleviate some of these stress related symptoms.

Over the last 7 months many Reiki Practitioners have seen a vast increase in clients visiting with stress related symptoms. Some of the most common being:

Panic attacks
Digestive problems – IBS
Lack of self esteem

You can begin your treatment of a person from the moment you meet. Just by being welcoming, kind and full of empathy you will make your client feel at ease and begin to put them into a relaxed state of mind.

Make your treatment room into a safe haven; warm, cosy, private and safe. Add gentle, warm tones of lighting, include some candlelight and add some essential oils into the mix, as well as some enchanting music – all of this creates a feeling of calm and relaxation before you even begin your Reiki treatment.

The energy and emotions of a person suffering with stress will be very low and out of sync, with blockages being felt throughout the Chakra system. Balancing those Chakras at the end of a treatment is a great way of rebalancing this system.

Why not suggest to your client at the end of a treatment that they introduce a grounding technique into their daily life. They can do this before they get out of bed in the morning to set them up for the day ahead.

Begin with concentrating on normal breathing, slow and even.

After a minute or so introduce a deep breath into the belly area, hold for the count of 3 and breathe out slowly (do this three times).

Visualise or feel roots growing from the bottoms of your feet and sinking deep into the ground, travelling further and further down into the depths of the earth’s crust until the very core is in view, a round moving disc.

The roots wrap themselves around the centre of the earth and you can feel your feet being pulled tightly to the ground.

Visualise or feel the energy rushing back up from the centre of the earth, up through the roots and up through the bottoms of your feet to your knees, your belly, your abdomen and your heart, bringing a feeling of complete calm, relaxation and absolute balance and grounding.

I hope you find this self-healing technique useful.

All or any of the above suggestions together with a beautifully calming, relaxing and healing Reiki energy will give the receiver and Reiki Practitioner a wonderful experience.

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