This is the response the UK Reiki Federation received from the Scottish Qualifications Authority:

“Any organisation can submit a qualification as long as it meets the criteria, we have had just as many submissions from individual organisations as awarding bodies to the credit rating service. The external QA element need only be as you deem appropriate to the qualification and your organisation”.

“For example, you may employ an individual to act as external verifier or choose to work with another organisation who can do this for you. Some submissions that we have processed have come from one department within an organisation and another department in the same organisation provides the QA. As long as the QA is carried out by someone external to the development and delivery of the qualification we can consider this towards meeting the relevant to the SCQF guideline.”

. . . the minimum fee for a single submission is around £4000 but if you were to provide a breakdown of how many programs you intended to submit they could give you a more exact fee.

See also: Course Accreditation & Awarding Bodies.

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