Professionals in most industries are required to take part in continuing professional development (CPD) and we as Reiki practitioners should be no exception to this. CPD should not be seen as a chore. It is part of your self-development and you may find out you are actually doing it already! CPD allows you to maintain and build on your skills and knowledge. Hopefully, it will encourage you to try new ways of working, leading to improvements in terms of efficiency and/or quality. All professional organisations and regulatory bodies will require evidence of CPD from professional practitioners, and the UKRF supports their recommendations re CPD, which are normally those set by the Lead Advisory Body.

Some examples of CPD:

  • Studying on courses including those leading to a qualification
  • Studying on courses not directly related to a treatment or your therapy i.e. business, accounts, IT, self-help
  • Attending a seminar, workshop or conference organised by a professional association, or others.
  • Presenting at a seminar, lecture, conference or workshop (provided this is not what you do as your main job)
  • Job shadowing
  • Distance learning
  • Research into therapy, treatment or methodology (either through management or private research)
  • Authoring including work to prepare presentations, lectures or courses (not as part of your usual job)
  • Collaborative working
  • Attendance at Treatment Exchanges/Shares
  • Research done for Treatment Exchanges/Shares by the person running share
  • Private reading ie books, journals, magazines, reports etc., which provide learning
  • Work carried out on behalf of a professional organisation and assisting with its development including attending meetings, writing articles, involvement in events, representing your discipline in some way.
  • Writing articles
  • Receiving supervision or mentoring which helps with learning and development
  • Certified First Aid training
  • Health & Safety training relevant to professional practice
  • Marketing Training relevant to your practice
  • Voluntary work relevant to the therapy (max 4 hours pa)
  • Self treatments/meditation (max 2 hours pa)
  • Peer supervision – learning from other practitioners re best practice
  • Being an examiner, tutor or assessor where this is developmental and provides learning opportunities
  • Developing training materials where this is occasional and developmental and not something you do on a regular basis as a tutor.
  • Client case studies where learning has taken place.
  • Organising events, meetings, conferences related to your discipline
  • Training to enhance professional and ethical practice i.e. maintaining professional boundaries, confidentiality etc.

Note that giving therapy treatments to your clients is not CPD.

Anything is acceptable provided you can justify why you do it and can explain how it enhances your professionalism.

Before undertaking CPD in any form you should set yourself learning objectives, i.e. what is your purpose in undertaking this CPD and what do you want to get out of it? CPD must be accompanied by reflection to be effective, ie for every activity, you undertake you must be able to state how it has benefited you as a professional Reiki practitioner – and that is the easiest way to decide if something is CPD. You should be able to use the experience to either reinforce your current practices or to introduce changes.

You should keep a record of your CPD on this CPD Summary Sheet, which should be sent to the UKRF annually with your membership renewal. You should keep any documents which are part of that activity (attendance certificates, notes, evaluations etc.), preferably in a file which should be made available to the UK Reiki Federation for audit should they request it. Remember it is not just about the “number of hours” that you do, but also the “quality” of what you do. Please complete and upload a digital copy or send with your Renewal of Membership Form per post.

CPD Requirements (Please see Guidance Notes)

Each Reiki Practitioner should undertake a minimum of 12 hours of CPD per year. A minimum of 6 hours should be specific to Reiki (Section A). A maximum of 6 hours may be general, (Section B) including reflection or research. If you complete more than 12 hours of Reiki Specific CPD (Section A) in the year, you may carry over up to 6 hours of the surplus from Section A to the following year. General CPD (Section B) cannot be carried over. Note: Giving Reiki to Clients or Teaching Students does not count as CPD.

Section A - Reiki Specific - Minimum of 6 hours

Section A - Activity 1

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Section A - Activity 2

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Section A - Activity 3

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Section A - Activity 4

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Section B - General - Minimum of 6 hours

Section B - Activity 1

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Section B - Activity 2

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Section B - Activity 3

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Section B - Activity 4

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If total hours in Section A exceeds 12 hours you may carry over up to 6 of those hours to next year provided you have met this year’s minimum total of 12 hours of CPD (these will be deducted from this year’s total). Number of hours from Section A which you wish to carry over to next year - max 6hrs
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