CNHC PSB election results for Massage Therapy and Nutritional Therapy

The deadline for receipt of election statements for the Massage Therapy and Nutritional Therapy Profession Specific Board (PSB) was on 2 May 2019.

For Massage Therapy CNHC received three election statements, so these candidates: Earle Abrahamson, Jennie Lloyd and Jennie Parke Matheson have been automatically appointed and there was no election.

For Nutritional Therapy CNHC received two election statements, so these candidates: Karin Elgar & Paula Werrett have been automatically appointed and there will be no election. Two existing members of the PSB (Alison Benbow & Jo Majithia) agreed to continue in their role.


Progress made on CNHC Core Curricula

CNHC has been working hard to develop a core curriculum for every category on their register. They have all been developed to meet the requirements of the CNHC Core Curriculum Template. The Core curricula include the relevant National Occupational Standards and set out details of the training requirements that must be met to apply to CNHC’s Accredited Register. You can view the CNHC Core Curriculum Template here.

For those of you who run courses, you are likely to understand the amount of time it takes to develop and consult on a core curriculum. Throughout this process, the CNHC has relied on the assistance of their Profession Specific Board members to help them with the work and provide expert advice specific to their occupation.

Since January CNHC have published two core curricula – Microsystems Acupuncture and Aromatherapy, and are currently consulting on Sports Therapy and Sports Massage (as the next step towards opening the Register to this new category). To date they have
published 9 core curricula in total, which can all be found on their website here.


Hyperlinks added to the CNHC Code Contents pages

Following feedback from CNHC’s recent Profession Specific Board (PSB) meeting, they have updated the CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance to make it more user‑friendly and easier to navigate.

It is now possible to click on any heading in the Contents section (pages 2 and 3 of the
document) and you will be taken directly to that part of the Code. You can access the CNHC Code here.


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