Meet Our Area Representatives

  • Fred Warrick National Coordinator

    I am a retired Fire-fighter and Crew Manager after 31 years of excellent service covering both Quality Assurance and Firefighting for the Cleveland area.

  • Amit Sihra
    Amit Sihra West London/Berkshire

    I started my Reiki journey in 2014 and, now am a Reiki Master Practitioner based in London/ Berkshire. As part of the UK Reiki Federation team, I’m responsible for ensuring that lineages are valid and kept up to date.

  • Archana Somaiya
    Archana Somaiya Birmingham - Solihull

    My personal Reiki journey began in 2002 and am a Reiki Master Teacher (since 2004) as well as a Certified Life Coach.

    I found that over the years of practising, combining Reiki with Life Coaching has helped me tremendously to understand people that I have treated and enabled me to give them not just Reiki Healing but also a way forward through Coaching.

  • Lorraine Scarth
    Lorraine Scarth Yorkshire East Ridings

    I am a Reiki Master practitioner and live in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.

    My first experience of Reiki had a profound life changing impact, in that I was able to cope in situations that would usually cause me to panic. It seemed logical and natural to learn more about this simple but effective therapy and to share what I have learned with others.

    My career background was in Learning and Development Design and Knowledge Management. This experience allows me to understand our many different approaches to learning whether the subject be baking or Reiki!

    I am really looking forward to getting started in my role as Area Rep and sharing my 20 years of experience!”

  • Sahm Venter
    Sahm Venter County Down

    I am a Reiki Master practitioner based in Northern Ireland, to where I relocated from South Africa a year ago.

    I first encountered Reiki when, at a friend’s funeral, I had a bad headache and one of his neighbours introduced herself as a Reiki practitioner, placed her hands on my head and the pain disappeared. I vowed to discover more and finally did from 2011 when Karen Lange began to train me in Usui Shiki Ryoho from Level 1 up to Masters Level (2014) and certified me in Jikiden Reiki (Shoden & Okuden) in 2019.

    I am excited to connect with other Reiki practitioners in my area and believe that we can help each other to navigate these strange times. Please contact me on countydown@reikifed.co.uk for any queries and any ideas you might have.”

  • Jo Fellows
    Jo Fellows Gloucestershire

    I’m very honoured to be the Gloucestershire representative for the UK Reiki Federation, and have been running monthly Reiki Shares since January 2015. These are a lovely opportunity to get together with like-minded people and give and receive Reiki. The in-person shares are always on the first Wednesday of the month at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham.

    I’m a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher who first worked with traditional Japanese Reiki in the early 2000s. Following this I took further Master level courses, and intensive courses.

    Through my training I discovered that Reiki was one of my spiritual paths, and I was amazed that one can actually feel the connection to spiritual energy. Initially stunned by the effect of physical healing and relaxation, my studies brought me to realise that Reiki was in fact a complete system of spiritual awakening and a gateway to discovering our spiritual selves. I’m also both an Advanced Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher.

  • Hayley Pearson
    Hayley Pearson Norfolk and Suffolk

    I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Therapist and work from my therapy room based in South Norfolk. I have been enjoying working with the Reiki energies for over 10 years now and have a passion to share it with like minded people. Reiki changed my life, all for the good and to be able to share Reiki with others is an absolute joy. I love seeing the change that is created when my students begin their Reiki journey. I am hosting an in-person gathering at a local venue to me in South Norfolk and anyone is welcome, if any of you in Norfolk would like to join me then please get in touch. It would be lovely to connect with some of you and find out how I may be of help.

    Reiki has and continues to be a huge benefit and presence in life hence I wanted to become the Area Rep for Norfolk and reach out to those that may need a helping hand.

  • Cath England
    Cath England South Wales

    My working career started as a maths teacher, but in 2006/7 I retrained as a reflexologist. Having always been aware of energy, it was during this time of training that I became even more aware and felt the need to develop this. It was suggested by my tutor that I receive my Reiki attunements and in 2011 I became a Reiki Master and Teacher.

    I love the freedom of Reiki and how it can help in so many different situations. It has been extremely beneficial during this period of lockdown, where I have been unable to continue with reflexology and Reiki treatments from my clinic here in South Wales, but am still able to support and help my clients with sending distance healing when needed. I would love to connect with any members in this area, so feel free to email me.

  • Julie Livesey
    Julie Livesey Greater Manchester West

    My background is in teaching, but I have always had an affinity for spirituality. My life was very busy with my career as a Business Development Manager and then as a teacher. Somehow, I never got chance to explore my spiritual side. Then after contracting viral meningitis and becoming very poorly, a chance for me to research Reiki came to me. I had received Reiki many years previously and remembered how wonderful it was. This started me on my journey in Reiki and holistic practices. I am now a Master Reiki Practitioner and working towards my Reiki Teacher.

    I am passionate about Reiki and the role the UKRF has in promoting best practice for all practitioners – as an independent organisation of individuals who have been attuned to Reiki, with the objective of providing support and guidance to Reiki professionals with particular reference to education and training and the practice of Reiki.

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