‘Just for today I will not worry’

In response to this difficult yet important issue, the UK Reiki Federation will be publishing information on promoting the importance of positive mental health and ways in which to avoid stress becoming a problem. It will also look at how Reiki can benefit those people suffering from the negative effects that we may experience from time to time and that may prevent us from managing our emotions, work loads or general day-to-day functioning.

We state negative, because stress can also be a positive, as long as it does not become too much.  It can help to deal with situations that are difficult and can help us complete tasks or even boost our memory. This is evident in exams or tasks with tight deadlines.

But this article is mainly aimed at the negative side of stress, where an individual becomes so stressed that they are unable to complete even the simplest of tasks because the stress has become too much. But what do we mean by stress?

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The U.K. Mental Health Foundation states that, ‘At the most basic level, stress is our body’s response to pressures from a situation or life event. What contributes to stress can vary hugely from person to person and differs according to our social and economic circumstances, the environment we live in and our genetic makeup’


We can see from this that some people are more susceptible to certain conditions such as stress because of their family history or what they have had to deal with in their life so far, has made them more or less resilient. But is it as simple as this and can the individual change this?

If it is in their genetic makeup it is part of them, but as practitioners we can help to work with clients to help alleviate stress building up, by making the client aware of certain sites or apps that may help the individual outside of our clinics and that may make Reiki easier for the client to accept and benefit from as they are more open to its advantages.

One of the best apps on the market at present is Calm and this can be downloaded from the Google or Apple App Stores. This is a meditation based app that helps to relax the individual and may allow the individual to practise breathing techniques as well as helping to relax them before a treatment.

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NHS has a good site called Moodzone and this can be found at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/understanding-stress/ 


Stress and mental health go hand in hand and sometimes we as practitioners and as human beings are placed under immense pressure where we can feel we are breaking.  It is therefore important as Reiki practitioners to know what information can be useful for a client as well as ensuring that the client is subject to a good consultation and afterwards is aware of what has happened and aware of the contractions so to not confuse a healing crisis such as becoming emotional with their mental state.

The environment that an individual is in can cause stress, so suggest them having a walk, going to the seaside or being in a place where they feel happy. This is because, moderate exercise can help relieve some of the symptoms of stress such as depression or low mood. This will not replace advice from the GP but will help the client to start to regain balance as well as boost overall mood. Some authorities also promote Healthy Walks. You can find out more at http://walkingforhealth.org.uk to find locations in your local area.

Money as we all know is vital in life, but together with events, it will cause stress. There are a number of help advice agencies/charites that you can access money advice and help. One of these is http://www.stepchange.org.uk who can help support individuals or yourselves out of difficult situations.

In addition, people who become stressed may want to withdraw from certain activities or hobbies, but allowing them to participate in some activities that will not affect their health may actually help maintain good communication, build resilience and help them to get better quicker.

You are not going to help everyone as a practitioner and you don’t want to take on the world to resolve them either as otherwise you will also find yourself getting stressed.

You may be self-employed or working part-time while doing another job. Whatever your role, it is important that you strike a balance. Don’t overdo it or put others before yourself.

Make time for you as well as doing the things that you enjoy. Don’t work, work, work as this will have a negative effect on you. Take time out.

There will be times as mentioned earlier that stress will help you. Getting tax returns completed or completing your next workshop or course. But remember, it does not have to be all done today. Also note that if you are going through a difficult time, acknowledge that and get help from professionals, friends and family. You are not alone.

Balance your time and workload, so you manage it, rather than it managing you. Think about writing in your diary me time or even day off. Stick to this and do not cross it out.

Be true to you and listen to the advice you give your clients. Have you seen the new movie at the pictures or gone out with friends recently?

Balancing time, with exercise, a good balanced diet and a good balance in work/life is essential for positive mental health. You can show others it can be done and demonstrate the advantages of good mental health.

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‘Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.’
Arnold Swartzenneger (Source: brainyquote.com)


Keep the balance right and be true to you,


Matt Grogan

Management Commitee / PR & Business Development

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