UK Reiki Federation Annual Conference and Reiki Celebration Week

Love, Care & Compassion - 18-24 September 2021
We warmly invite all UK Reiki Federation members to join us for our Annual Conference and Reiki Celebration week via zoom. The theme this year is ‘looking after each other’. We will once again be welcoming amazing international reiki guest speakers including Johannes Reindl – Lineage Bearer in Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Johannes is the Lineage Bearer in Usui Shiki Ryoho. The title of lineage bearer was passed to Johannes Reindl from Phyllis Furumoto.

The lineage passed from Mikao Usui – Chujirro Hayashi – Hawayo Takata – Phyllis Furumoto – Johannes Reindl. The purpose is “ensuring that the integrity and potential of this simple practice of Reiki be preserved and kept vital in the present and for future generations”.

All current UK Reiki Federation members will be invited to this free event and emailed zoom links. Details will also be in the members area on our website. These events are shared as a member only benefit. Non-members wishing to attend can join the Federation Here

UKRF Annual Conference – Saturday 18 September 2021 from 1000 – 1500hrs via zoom

10 AM - Welcome and Introductions - Anne Marie and Gavin

Anne-Marie Carratu  : Chair UK Reiki Federation

Gavin Ford : Vice Chair UK Reiki Federation

1015 AM - Self Treatment - Johannes Reindl

Johannes Reindl, Lineage Bearer in Usui Shiki Ryoho

Johannes would like to invite the Reiki community to explore together how we look after each other.

  • Welcome with Johannes
  • Johannes leading the group into self-treatment
  • Workshop where delegates will be asked questions and move into break-out rooms to discuss. Joining back together to share as a whole group.

Reiki Master Johannes Reindl was born and lives in Austria. He undertook his training with Phyllis Lei Furumoto and has continued to practice Reiki since 1995. In March 2019 Johannes was recognised by Phyllis Lei Furumoto as her successor and became the Lineage Bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho. Johannes now teaches wherever he is called and invited.

1200 - Looking after each other - Laurence Fontaine

Laurence began practicing Reiki in 1990 and has been a Reiki Master since 2001. She is trilingual and has served as a translator and interpreter for The Reiki Alliance, the Office of the Grandmaster and international Reiki gatherings since 1990. She is a psychotherapist with a Masters in Psychology, with specialties in Continuum Movement, Core Energetics and Family Constellations. At present her focus is fostering dynamics that sustain the development of individuals, families, and communities.

As practitioners of a healing art, we all have an internal desire and experience to be there for others, to respond to their needs and place our hands over their body to alleviate their ailments. 


  • How do we understand the concept of “looking after each other” from a personal perspective?
  • How do we understand this concept as Reiki practitioners, mentors, and teachers?
  • Where does this desire come from? 
  • What is the motivation?
  • What are the subterranean thoughts and feelings driving us to come together to serve the preservation of life? 
  • What do we need to develop in ourselves and our communities to serve this purpose? 
1300 - Hawayo Takata - Susan and Paul Mitchell

Susan learned Reiki from Hawayo Takata. She was the first director of The Reiki Alliance from 1988-1998.   She helped curate the Hawayo Takata archives housed at the University of California, Santa Barbara and edited In Her Own Voice, A Tribute to Phyllis Lei Furumoto, 1948-2019.   

Paul and Susan were students of Hawayo Takata in the 1970s. They will share stories of their time with her and give you a taste of who she was to the two of them and the impact she has had on all of us who practice Reiki in the west.

1430 - Distance Healing and Reiki Shares - Jo Fellows

Distance healing and Reiki Shares talk with Jo

  • Thank you and closing thoughts from Anne-Marie and Gavin
  • Celebrate Reiki by joining together and taking care of each other

Reiki Celebration Week – 20-24 September 2021 via zoom

Monday 20 September | 1900-1945hrs | Reiki Share with Jo Fellow

Reiki Share is a wonderful opportunity for us all to join to simply give and receive Reiki to help nurture, heal and support you, as well as others.
Hosted by our Distance Healing Coordinator Jo Fellows, this 45mins practice includes cleansing our energy meridians, a Reiki meditation and Reiki healing. Jo talks you through the process, and you’re welcome to follow her voice, or simply relax – either seated or lying down, whichever is more relaxing for you – and allow the energy to flow. There is no pressure for you to do anything. Jo doesn’t play music, as it can break up over the internet, so if you have a favourite piece of music to listen to please do use it.

You’re welcome to set your intention that the practice is for your own highest good, or for that of others – the choice is yours.

Tuesday 21 September | 1900-1945hrs | UKRF Animal Reiki: doing our best for animals with Sue Malcolm

Sue Malcolm is a Master Reiki & Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Founder of Friends Of Baxter Animal Care and runs The Reiki Experience. Sue has practiced Reiki for 10 years and taught for 5 years. Her aim is for Animal Reiki to become a mainstream therapy and a recognised profession in its own right.

As Animal Reiki Co-ordinator for the UK Reiki Federation and the Reiki Council, she has co-authored Understanding Animals: A working Guide for Reiki Practitioners and led the development of UK Animal Reiki training standards, recognition of Animal Reiki Practitioners and most recently criteria for course approval.

Wednesday 22 September | 1900-2000hrs | Awareness in Daily Life Webinar with Amit Sihra

If you can control where your awareness wonders, you can change the way you feel, focus on what you want to achieve and create the life you want. In this webinar, we will talk about how to move your awareness in your day-to-day life, as well as how to use Reiki to assist you on this journey.

Amit is Lineage Coordinator for the UK Reiki Federation. He started his Reiki journey in 2014 and is now Reiki Master Practitioner based in London/ Berkshire.

Thursday 23 September | 1930-2030hrs | ‘Research update – exploring the memberships experience’ with Dr Duncan Cross and Ann Baldwin

This session will present preliminary findings from the UKRF research survey exploring the Reiki Journey of our members including what brought them to Reiki, the educational journey and the impact Reiki has had on their lives. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about research.

This will be presented by Dr Duncan Cross. Duncan is Head of Education at a UK University, an associate Professor and a National Teaching Fellow. Duncan has been a Reiki Master since 2000 and runs the Karuna Centre for Reiki Training. Duncan is also the Research Co-ordinator for the UKRF.

Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD, is a Professor of Physiology at the University of Arizona and Director of Mind-Body-Science.

She is also a Reiki Master, and has practiced Reiki on people and animals for the last 20 years. Her degrees are BSc in Physics, University of Bristol UK, MSc in Radiation Physics and PhD in Physiology, University of London, UK.

Ann focuses on reducing the damaging effects of stress using Biofeedback, Reiki, Trauma Release Exercises and Equine Facilitated Learning. She has published over 120 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and one book, “Reiki in Clinical Practice. A Science Based Guide”, Handspring Publishing (ISBN13:978-1-912085-36-1).

Ann has received 30 years of funding from federal institutions and has served on review panels for National Institutes of Health. With her Reiki training and scientific background, Ann bridges the gap between energy healing and quantitative scientific enquiry.

In her spare time Ann rides her horse and is a horse handler for Therapeutic Riding of Tucson.

Friday 24 September | 1800-1900hrs | Shibashi Qigong with Warren Swartz

Shibashi Qigong is born out of Qigong and Tai chi. Its gentle movements are accessible to everyone, and its health benefits are certainly as appealing as its energetic benefits. Said to delay the ageing process and its age-related diseases by increasing the bodies DHEA levels, it additionally strengthens the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys along with their related functions. It increases weight loss, aids digestion and strengthens ligaments and tendons while aiding balance and muscular strength. It has phenomenal potential to boost vital energy and improve mental state.

It would be a delight for me to take you on a journey of discovery with this simple easy to follow Qigong routine. All you will need is a comfortable room free of distractions, about 6 square foot clear of obstacles and some comfortable clothing to practice this routine. I will ensure that the form will be shared in an easy-to-follow way with clear instructions to ensure both your safety and enjoyment.

Warren is a Reiki master, Nature connector, meditation and mindfulness coach, British Health Qigong instructor and Shibashi Qigong teacher.

*These events will not be recorded and are subject to change.

If you have any questions, please email events team at [email protected]
We look forward to welcoming you.
Warmest regards
UK Reiki Federation Team

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