Data protection

The UK Reiki Federation adheres to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies from 25 May 2018. Your information will only be used for accreditation purposes.

We will share your information with the UK Reiki Federation Accreditation Inspector(s) who will review your course information against any applicable education standards and, if you are applying for accreditation of a qualification course, carry out any inspections of your training premises.

By applying for the UK Reiki Federation accreditation and completing the process, you agree for the UK Reiki Federation to contact you in this way, however, there is an ‘unsubscribe’ link in each e-newsletter that you can click at any time if you no longer wish to receive these communications.

Your telephone number and/ or email address may also be used by our Marketing Department who may contact you to offer free resources that may be of benefit to you and your students.

Applying for accreditation

The UK Reiki Federation operates a two-stage accreditation process. Stage 1 is to ensure that your course meets the criteria to undergo the accreditation process. Stage 2 involves your course materials being reviewed by a UK Reiki Federation accreditation inspector, and if a qualification, a site visit.

An application fee of £50 per course is required to process your application and will be payable at the end of this form. Your application will not be processed without payment.

Required documents must be submitted as electronic copies via email ONLY. The UK Reiki Federation no longer stores paper copies of course providers’ documentation.

All documents submitted to the UK Reiki Federation will be kept strictly private and confidential and will be held for the duration of the accreditation. Should the accreditation be terminated or withdrawn, all documents will be deleted. All training establishments must comply with the following guidelines and complete all information pertaining to the accreditation process.

All training establishments must comply with the following guidelines and complete all information pertaining to the accreditation process.

Course providers must:

1) Provide all paperwork relating to the short course or qualification for the accreditation process as required for review.

2) Provide evidence of training staff qualifications and CPD information.

3) Give access to students’ previously marked work – and selection of portfolios where this is applicable to the training being carried out.


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Course details

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Price: £ 50.00
When you submit this form you will be taken through to the payment section.
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