Wendy LilesSecretary / Regulation Coordinator


As a Master-Teacher Practitioner member, I am also registered with CNHC.

My Reiki journey began in 2002 when a friend simply asked me if I’d like to join her. And I was hooked; Reiki became a huge part of my everyday life and by 2005 I completed the work needed to become a Master-Teacher.

Becoming a member of UK Reiki Federation in 2005 was quickly followed by being an area representative and then being asked to join the Management Committee and from here-on, the Federation became a part of our household.

During the years since, I have trained students, and my courses are approved and on both UK Reiki Federation and CNHC teachers lists.

Regularly to be found giving Reiki voluntarily to many people, particularly those with physical disabilities and also teaching their carer’s, I also work with those in the armed forces and their families,

As I began to host Reiki Shares in 2005, I became aware of the need for more uniformity in training, ultimately showing healthcare professionals that Reiki is a reputable therapy. When I was asked to become the UK Reiki Federation Regulation representative on the Reiki Council, I gladly obliged. When CNHC first looked to include Reiki as one of its therapies, I was accepted as an independent Profession Specific Board Member. Whist holding this role, I’ve been involved in decisions on the Core Curriculum and verification for registrants.

Having been treasurer for a few years, I am moving on and hope to be elected as secretary of the UK Reiki Federation Management Committee.


2002: Beginning of my Reiki journey
2005: Became Master Teacher, started teaching Reiki, began hosting Reiki Shares, became a member of UK Reiki Federation
2006 – today: Became an Area Representative and then joined the Management Committee of the UK Reiki Federation

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Mobile: 07759 119 135
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.reiki-house.co.uk 

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