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I met with a friend at the beginning of 2012 who was talking about a course she had been on, which involved symbols and was called Reiki. Intrigued to know more, I started to enquire about courses in Kent where I live. A few weeks later, I bumped into my friend again and she gave me the details of a course coming up in the coming year with a Reiki Master/Teacher who she had trained with.

In November 2012, I started my Reiki journey with Reiki I and was fascinated by the results of this form of healing. I continued this journey until I completed my Reiki teacher qualification in October 2017. In this time, I had also taken up Holistic Massage, Angelic Reiki and other forms of healing modalities to compliment my learning and to continue my spiritual journey.

As an individual, I wanted to be part of an organisation that had good standing in the field of Reiki as well as having similar beliefs to my own. So, I joined the Reiki Federation as a member and later I joined the Management Committee as a person responsible for PR and business development in 2018 a position I am very grateful to the organisation for allowing me to do.

If I was to recommend Reiki to anyone, I would always tell them that your journey will be life changing, will allow you to understand you and also an opportunity to make a difference in your life and those around you. The only way you will fully understand this is by taking the journey yourself.


January 2013: Reiki One training
May 2013: Reiki Two trainingn
October 2015: Reiki Two Plus training
January 2016: Reiki Master training
October 2017: Reiki Teacher training
February 2019: CNHC accreditation

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Mobile: 07531 719 100
Email: [email protected]
Website: mkclairvoyants.weebly.com

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