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As far back as childhood I remember wanting to heal and help where I could, nursing injured animals, helping elderly relatives to reviving dying plants with my mother.  I was always at home in nature and aware of a vast array of energies from a young age, I grew stronger and more determined in my spiritual healing especially after the death of my teenage brother and nan. From my mid twenties I went from strength to strength in my spiritual healing, that is when my life/healing journey truly started.

My Reiki healing path found me after years of profound health issues and the deaths of several more family members in close succession I started searching for something for myself, I’d heard about Reiki, however I thought to myself ” where should I go, who should I see?”, it seemed such a minefield as I searched for the right Reiki Master for me, then as if by request I was handed a card of a beautiful soul Dr Elizabeth Childs PhD. who provided Reiki healing and training amongst other healing disciplines, I had no intention at the time to undergo training, just wanted to feel well again, however from my very first Reiki treatment I was loving the universal healing energies and grew stronger from session to session. After long course of Reiki treatments my physical health was back on track, and I found myself enrolling on Dr Elizabeth Childs PhD next available Reiki I training course followed by another five Reiki training courses and other healing disciplines including Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, founding Progressive Alpha Therapy (P.A.T.) multi faceted healing system which includes Reiki and is accredited, trademarked and insured by Balens.

My personal visions for the future are further research/development into variety of healing disciplines, old and new. Expansion of funded free healing therapies/training available to a wider variety of carers in all areas of care for people and animals including ‘End of Life Healing’.

What I hope to provide as a UK Reiki Federation committee member is application of any knowledge gained throughout my life within marketing/merchandise along side fella committee member Ignaty Dyakov, also added support in additional areas when and where needed.


1988: Spiritual Healer for people and animals
1995: Spiritual Development Teacher, Spiritualist Medium, Joint founder of Finstall Spiritualist Group, Joined the Blue Lodge Spiritualists Committee
1996 – today: Charity Fund Raiser/Event Organiser
1998 – today: Founded Care co. providing domestic assistance and personal care/support for all ages/disabilities enabling them to live a more stress free life
2002 – today: Company Director of my father’s company when he passed away
2006: Reiki I Training, Reiki II Practitioner Training, Reiki Master Practitioner Training, Angelic Healing
2007: Reiki Master Teacher Training, Egyptian Reiki I Training, Egyptian Reiki II Practitioner Training, Teaching Reiki and holding Reiki Shares/healing workshops/events, joined UK Reiki Federation
2010: It’s a Kind of Magic published (spiritual/healing book ISBN 1906954151), Co founder and launch of Crystalline Spiritual and Holistic Centre
2011: Crystal Therapy Training (Diploma)
2012: Founded Progressive Alpha Therapy (P.A.T.) research/development
2013 – 2016: Assisted Spiritualist Pam Brittain with teaching 3 x 18week spiritual awareness courses which included healing at N.E.W. College
2014: Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner Training
2016: Launch of Progressive Alpha Therapy (P.A.T.) Practitioner Level, Funeral Celebrant
2017: Launch of Progressive Alpha Therapy (P.A.T.) Masters Level
2018: Joined The UK Reiki Federation Committee, two healing/spiritual publications to be completed-published, further research/development/completion of my two new healing disciplines, one of which is The Mind Maze Technique.

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Email: info@psychicfields.com
Website: www.psychicfields.com

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