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I’ve become a Reiki practitioner and life coach after a major illness, when an entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer and writer, I had to readjust to my new reality. It’s taken three years to day and is an ongoing process, but I’m happy to share Reiki energy alongside my experience, facilitate and guide my clients’ changes.

I’ve been teaching various subjects since 2001, trained as a business mentor in 2012, was attuned to Reiki in the Himalayas and underwent a life coaching course in the UK in 2016. In my previous ‘incarnation’, I set up three businesses, published a series of language textbooks, became a chartered linguist and traveled the world.

I like giving Reiki on its own (including as a volunteer for cancer charities) and as part of my coaching sessions, as I believe that Reiki can be hugely beneficial for transformation and making right decisions.

I hope to bring my business skills to the Management Committee and help the Reiki Federation with PR and marketing, especially its’ social media aspect.


2015: Reiki One and Two training from two different Masters in the Himalayas
2018: Reiki Master training in Lincolnshire, UK
currently undergoing Reiki Master Teacher training

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Mobile: 0709 35 94 94 99
Email: hello@lifesensei.uk
Website: Life Sensei UK

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