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I’m a Master Reiki Practitioner trained to teach. Curiosity led me in 2008 to learn more about the practice having experienced the benefits as a client over the years; once I started, like many of us, I was hooked, it became a passion and opened a whole new world for me.

I became a member of the Reiki Federation in 2015 with the intention of making the switch from my existing career as a marketeer to try set up my own practice. I joined the Management Committee in 2016 lending my professional expertise and advice to the UK Reiki Federation as we transition, evolve and continue our collective efforts to support our community and members.


1993: Receive my first Reiki treatment and become aware of the practice
2008 – 2013: My Reiki journey to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher
2015: Joined UK Reiki Federation as a Master Practitioner
2016 – today: Part of the UK Reiki Federation Management Committee

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Mobile: 07774 763295
Email: [email protected]

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