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I was born in Poland, where I studied and received my Masters in chemistry. I also have a Post-Masters in management in local government institutions (University of Lodz, 2003). I worked as a chemistry teacher before becoming an education inspector for the Belchatow City Council, where I worked for a number of years. I was responsible for electronic databases and on-line systems. I ran many courses for head teachers (all schools).

Whilst visiting the UK, I met my husband to be and he introduced me to spiritualism. This opened up a whole new life for me. Since a child I have always been aware and able to communicate with spirit. I had a strong belief in the power of universal energy to heal. I enrolled on an awareness course run by a local spiritualist church which covered all sorts of things, from feathers to symbols, meditation to table tipping and of course healing. I was then invited into the development group to train as a platform medium. I have since been serving churches across the south west.

In 2012, I started my Reiki education joining a Reiki share group. In 2017, I moved up to Fife in Scotland, where I continue my work and am in the process of building a sanctuary to continue my journey.


2008: First Reiki healing experience
2008 – 2012: Development as a SNU platform medium
2012 – 2017: Reiki training up to master teacher
2016: Joined the UK Reiki Federation
2016: Development as a SNU medium healer
2018: Loined the Management Committee Member of the UK Reiki Federation

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