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One of our aims and objectives is to help provide information on research. The Oxford Dictionary defines research as: “The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.” Over the last few years research has become an even more important element of our work. This has resulted in the development and production of an important collection of not just clinical trials conducted into Reiki but also serious published articles on the subject of Reiki.

Now called “Reiki – The Body of Evidence”, the document was started by the current Research Coordinator’s predecessors many years ago, under a different title, and was radically overhauled and redesigned, before eventually it attained the format it has now. Although literally hundreds of clinical trials have been published in the scientific world for many years, we have no knowledge of anyone having collated a larger Reiki collection than this one. At the time of writing (December 2017), it contains 105 clinical trials and 33 published articles.

By email we receive notification of newly published trials and articles literally every week, and from the start of 2018 much time will be devoted to adding those further pieces of evidence to the document.

Reiki is currently available in many hospitals in this country; we believe it should be in all of them. Not just there: Reiki has a place in GP surgeries throughout this country, too. Doctors, nurses, health management, NHS and private, should all be aware of the simple but potentially powerful benefits of Reiki to all of their patients. “Reiki – The Body of Evidence” provides the scientific evidence to support this aim.

You can download a copy of the research document below. The document is free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently reviewing “Reiki – The Body of Evidence”. It will be back online for download soon again. 

Contact the Research Coordinator: research@reikifed.co.uk

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