Voluntary Self-Regulation for Reiki Builds Trust

Currently in the UK complementary therapies are voluntary self-regulated, i.e. it is not compulsory. It is the person doing the Reiki who is regulated, not the Reiki itself, i.e. it is how they work and their interaction with the public.

In February 1996, HRH Prince Charles proposed the Integrated Medicine initiative to encourage orthodox and complementary healthcare to work together within the NHS for the benefit of the British public. For this to happen, complementary therapies were required to be self-regulated and to develop robust systems to ensure high standards of practice and levels of care, to bring them in line with other healthcare professionals who are also expected to hold nationally recognised qualifications.

The House of Lords (Science & Technology Committee) Report on complementary therapies in 2000 advised that voluntary self-regulation be introduced for complementary therapies. As a result of this 12 different therapy groups were invited by the then Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health (PWFIH), to be involved with the consultation and process towards voluntary self-regulation. This went through what was called the “Federal Working Group” and culminated in the introduction of the CHNC as one regulatory body, although others have subsequently been formed.

As part of our ongoing objective of promoting best Reiki practice and professional conduct, we have been involved with, and made a major contribution towards the regulation of Reiki as a profession, and in the development of minimum standards of training.

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Roles in the Regulatory Process

Regulatory Bodies

Regulates the practice of Reiki (and other therapies/disciplines). Currently in the UK we have voluntary self-regulation for complementary therapies i.e. it is not compulsory. It is the person doing the Reiki who is regulated, not the Reiki itself i.e. it is how they work and their interaction with the public.


Advisory Bodies

The Reiki Council is an advisory body and is made up of Reiki Professional Organisations, who provide advice about Reiki.


Professional Associations

We are one of many professional organisations, and we are the largest Reiki professional association in the UK. A professional association’s role is to represent its membership, looking after the needs of the professional therapist.


Course Accreditation & Awarding Bodies

An awarding body sets up and gets approval to run accredited courses. Approval for accreditation is given through UKCES.


Instrumental in setting high standards

We are a member of the Reiki Council

The UK Reiki Federation was instrumental in the setting up of the Reiki Regulatory Working Group (RRWG) in 2003 by inviting other Reiki organisations to work with the UK Reiki Federation towards Voluntary Self Regulation.

Having completed its work as a working group in 2008, the Reiki Regulatory Working Group became an advisory body for Reiki under the title of the Reiki Council.  The UK Reiki Federation is a member of the Reiki Council.


Code of Ethics

The purpose of the code is to establish and maintain standards of ethics and practice relating to the conduct of our members and their relationship with the public at large.

It has been established to inform and protect members of the public seeking Reiki and members of the UK Reiki Federation using Reiki.


We have compiled for you the answers to frequently asked questions about the regulation of Reiki in the UK, particularly the process of Voluntary Self-Regulation (VSR), and the various organisations implementing it.


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