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Letter to Boris

Dear Member Inconsistent government lockdown easing policies lack scientific basis and clarity says Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) The Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC), of [...]


We still find ourselves in a position where self-employed Registrants cannot return to practising face to face due to the coronavirus crisis. Our advice has to comply with current UK Government [...]


WELCOME TO OUR MAY NEWS UPDATE I hope you are all safe and well. The recent months have been extremely difficult for everyone, and I appreciate the impact it has had on our Registrants. For those [...]

Care for the Caregiver

Care for the Caregiver: Evaluation of Mind-Body SelfCare for Accelerated Nursing Students. DATE 2016 AUTHORS Drew BL1, Motter T, Ross R, Goliat LM, Sharpnack PA, Govoni AL, Bozeman MC, Rababah [...]

Reiki is better than Placebo

Reiki is better than placebo and has broad potential as a complementary health therapy DATE 2017 AUTHORS McManus DE REFERENCE Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine [...]

Run for Animal Reiki

I am the UK Reiki Federation Animal Reiki Coordinator and I am passionate about raising awareness and support for the benefits that Reiki can offer to animals, also driving training standards and [...]

CNHC News – July 2019

CNHC is currently recruiting to fill two vacancies on their Board. Positions are available for one registrant and one lay member. The role of the CNHC Board is to oversee their continuing [...]

CNHC News – June 2019

The latest edition of Massage World includes an article from the CNHC Chief Executive and Registrar, Margaret Coats. She discusses the Charity Commission Consultation outcome earlier this year [...]

CNHC News – May 2019

The deadline for receipt of election statements for the Massage Therapy and Nutritional Therapy Profession Specific Board (PSB) was on 2 May 2019. For Massage Therapy CNHC received three election [...]

CNHC News – April 2019

The Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM) have announced the details for CAMSTRAND 2019 Conference: 'Working with others and Collaboration in Research". The conference will be taking [...]

CNHC News – March 2019

On 25 February 2019, CNHC emailed all registrants to inform them of an update to their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy. This update was agreed at the CNHC Board meeting last month.

Reiki in Hospitals

I have been very fortunate to join the Full Circle Fund Therapies team offering Reiki to support very sick children and adults, their carers and staff in areas of critical need at St George’s [...]

Reiki in Schools

There is an exciting collaboration with Cranmer Primary School following conversations with the Headteacher (herself a Reiki Master Practitioner) about well-being of staff and staff retention. [...]

Reiki and Disability

Many people with disabilities use Reiki, whether being treated by another, for self-treatment or to treat another, often finding their way to using the energy after receiving it themselves.

Reiki and Cancer

Sadly, cancer has become a very common illness in the past decade, with terrible predictions being made about it affecting even more (up to one in four) people in the very near future. We’ve all [...]

The Connecting Reiki with Medicine Fund

Together we can make a difference to the future of Reiki and the quality of healthcare in the NHS.

We proudly support the Connecting Reiki with Medicine fund which enables clinical research of Reiki in acute medical settings. Case studies will lead to more understanding, acceptance and integration of Reiki in medical settings globally. Please consider donating what you can to support this landmark project. Find out more.

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