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Holding or attending a Reiki Share is a wonderful way of meeting other Reiki students, practitioners, teachers or those interested in finding out more about Reiki. The concept of a Reiki Share is for everyone attending to both give and receive Reiki healing in a supportive and loving environment. There may be 2, 3 or more people to each treatment couch and whilst one person is laying on the couch, everyone else is giving Reiki to them. When that session has finished, someone else will then be treated. This rotation continues until everyone has received a treatment.



For those who may wish to build their confidence in giving treatments or for those who have little or no experience of using Reiki, these Shares are a good way to build that confidence and knowledge. Reiki Practitioners can also benefit enormously from attending Reiki Shares as by nature, they are very giving people and wish to heal others, sometimes forgetting their own needs. Reiki shares are an opportunity for them to receive Reiki themselves. Reiki Shares are also a good way to meet other like-minded people and discuss experiences of using, receiving or training in Reiki.

The UK Reiki Federation hold a list of members who currently hold Shares in their area so if you are interested in attending a Share, then do please see the list and contact the member holding it.

Reiki Shares are usually held once a month and serve to be a focal point for ongoing contact and support. Participating in a Reiki Share is very beneficial to the individual and to the whole group collectively. It is an amazing experience to be part of a group, meeting together, to heal and be healed.


Find out if there are any Reiki Shares held in your area via our Reiki Near You online search directory: 

(All Reiki Shares listed are run by members of the UK Reiki Federation.)

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