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Animal Reiki Practitioner membership

In order to be proficient in offering Reiki to animals, it is essential to understand and be confident with animals as well as being an effective Reiki Practitioner. Animals read energy to assess situations and are very trusting. However, they need to feel confident that they can trust the Reiki Practitioner for the best results to ensue.

Animal Reiki Practitioner recognition therefore requires knowledge, practical understanding and applied use of the following:

  1. Reiki skills and techniques for working with animals, considering their different emotional states/ situation
  2. Understanding Animals in respect of:
    1. general approach to working with different animals
    2. body language awareness
    3. health & safety considerations
    4. very basic anatomy (although not required for Reiki delivery it can be beneficial for communications and general animal understanding)
    5. safe and confident handling (for application if/ where necessary)
    6. relevant legislation and guidance – veterinary, notifiable disease & animal welfare

Some of this knowledge and skill may come naturally, have been gained through experience or prior learning and some may need to be learned.

We have however taken this recognition a step further. UKRF is synonymous with integrity and we believe that it is great to achieve this knowledge and skill but even better to gain professional credibility and support on an ongoing basis, which is why we are not just offering a one-off recognition. We are offering Animal Reiki membership at no extra cost to Reiki membership, and with it comes a range of member benefits too. We are here to help and support our members to reach a good quality standard of practice and grow awareness of their Animal Reiki expertise. We are after all an organisation run by members for members.

Understanding Animals: A working Guide for Reiki Practitioners

We have worked with other Reiki Council member organisations to create a reference publication that provides information on all topics in point 2 above, that are deemed essential for Animal Reiki Practitioners to know. If this information has not been included in training and you do not already possess this knowledge and applied skills, or have the time to research the various topics, this publication is a handy and informative resource. Although written specifically for Reiki Practitioners it can benefit anyone working with animals.

Understanding Animals: A working Guide for Reiki Practitioners can be extremely useful for anyone working with animals and is available below.


The information in this publication and the practical application of key aspects, in particular understanding body language, is helpful for completion of our Animal Reiki Practitioner member application form should you not already possess all of this knowledge and skills.

Coming soon:

  • More about having your Animal Reiki Practitioner course approval
  • Course approval application form
  • Directory of recognised Animal Reiki courses
  • Animal Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher applications

More about becoming an Animal Reiki Practitioner member

Animal Reiki Practitioner member application form *



To grow Animal Reiki as a credible profession we will support and publicise our recognised Animal Reiki members and promote recognised training courses. The more students that choose high quality training, the better the quality of our future Animal Reiki Practitioner and teachers.

Having launched recognition at the Practitioner level, the next stage will be to

  1. Launch the recognition and publicity of Animal Reiki Master Practitioners and Teachers
  2. Evaluate and recognise training courses in Animal Reiki, and promote these
  3. Create application forms for membership and course approval in line with the requirements for Professional Practice verification. This will be a level 3 qualification that will meet the requirements of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the offering of Reiki to animals developed in conjunction with LANTRA**. This makes the standard of training comparable to several other animal complementary therapies and also to Professional Practice Reiki Practitioners, the latter of whom are eligible for listing on the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) accredited Register. Such Reiki Practitioners can be referred patients by GPs and we hope one day that Professional Practice Animal Reiki Practitioners may qualify for a register that enables vet referrals.

** Lantra are highly known and respected for their training work in the animal and environmental areas and have been involved in the development of many NOS including those for Veterinary nursing, handling animals, observation and awareness of animal behaviour, and setting up an animal therapy centre.

“Providing course recognition will help to raise standards of training, give credibility to those with such courses and also help the many individuals who contact us asking for details of who provides good quality training in Animal Reiki. We will not recommend a particular course but we will publicise recognised courses on approved directory listings”.

The most common request we receive in relation to Animal Reiki is “Can you suggest any good quality Animal Reiki training courses?” We are increasingly aware of a growing demand for quality training and professional credibility that comes with it, and we hope that this initiative should soon help to answer this request.

In the meantime, for anyone who is considering making an application at Professional Practice level, the NOS on the links below may be used to help indicate whether all of the required content has been included in your training.

LANACT 1 – Assess and define an animal’s needs for complementary and natural/holistic healthcare

LANACT 2 – Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural/holistic healthcare for an animal

LANACT 3 – Offer Reiki to animals

Additionally, LANAnC10 – Observe and be aware of the behaviour of animals

We recognise that you may have queries. Please refrain from asking questions on this topic until you have read our Animal Reiki website copy and Frequently Asked Questions.
These should answer the vast majority of queries. 

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