Directory of Approved Reiki Courses

Reiki teachers can get their own practitioner or teacher courses reviewed and assessed by the UK Reiki Federation for inclusion on our Directory of Approved Reiki Courses.


UK Reiki Federation Course Approval

The UK Reiki Federation is able to provide a review and verification of both Reiki practitioner training courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in order to include details in the UK Reiki Federation Directory of Approved Reiki Courses.

For a general overview of the standards applicable to UK Reiki Federation course approval, see pages on National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Reiki.

This service is in addition to the currently available Reiki Near Me general directory of Reiki practitioners and Reiki master teachers and is to assist our teacher members in promoting practitioner training courses, the content of which meet the recommended standards.


Getting Your Course Verified/Approved

The following glossary may help with understanding some of the terminology used:

The process by which the regulatory authorities and other individuals can confirm that a qualification and its associated specification conform to the regulatory criteria, generally meeting National Occupational Standards (NOS)

Making judgements on whether a candidate’s work meets the assessment criteria for a competence or qualification

Assessment criteria
The standards that candidates need to meet in order to achieve success (or a given grade) in a competence or qualification

The individual who assesses a candidate’s work against competences

Awarding body
A consortium or organisation that awards qualifications

The person who is registered with an awarding body for a competence or qualification

Centre (or assessment centre)
A consortium or organisation accountable to an awarding body for the assessment arrangements leading to competences or a qualification

The ability to carry out work to the standards required

Internal verifier
A person appointed by the Centre to ensure consistent and accurate standards of assessment, both between assessors operating within a centre and between centres offering the same award

National qualifications framework
The framework used by the regulatory authorities to position accredited qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Award or certification made by an awarding body for demonstration of competence or achievement

Checking that assessments made meet the required standards. In the context of the Directory of Approved Courses this is where a course provision is checked by a qualified Assessor against the National Occupational Standards for Reiki and that the Core Curriculum has also been incorporated in the training.

In addition to Reiki practitioner training courses (checked against NOS), the Directory of Approved Reiki Courses will also list courses which are deemed suitable for CPD purposes.

If you would like your course verified for inclusion in the Directory, please click on the link below and complete the required form. Please note that approval of a course costs £295. £75 of this fee is taken at Stage 1 of the process with the remainder £220 be taken at Stage 2:

Course Verification Form


Contact details

Get in touch with the Training Coordinator: education@reikifed.co.uk 

Note: to find a Reiki practitioner or teacher see our Reiki Near Me online directory or contact us.

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