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Maxime Holistic Therapy | Reiki & Sound Therapy | Haywards Heath - West Sussex - England

Maxime Holistic Therapy | Reiki & Sound Therapy | Haywards Heath - West Sussex - England

Find information about Reiki and Holosonic Sound Therapy and book your appointment online at Maxime Holistic Therapy's practice.

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Second Degree (Okuden)

Holosonic Sound Therapy Fondation Level

Shiatsu Fondation Level (Accupressure)

Anatomy and Energy Work Level 3

Everything started 10 years ago when I came across Quantum Healing Entrainment method which changed my perception of life and set me to a path of being a healing practitioner. Starting at first to heal family, friends and my self I have officially opened my practice in 2015 after I qualified has a Reiki practitioner and joined the Reiki Federation.

I believe that healing on a deeper level is archived when we connect with the whole of a being, body, mind, emotion and spirit, and trigger its own amazing healing processes. It is why I am constantly learning and reinforcing additional methods like tuning forks, clean language and hand dowsing in order to clear imbalances and traumas, whether it is already expressed in the physical body through disease, pain, cancer, etc or in a latent state in the energy field.

I use Reiki to relax, reconnect and rebalance the whole being in a neutral and non intrusive way; tuning forks and the sound they produced to clear chakras and spiritual bodies on all levels; clean language to bridge yourself with your subconscious and hand dowsing to deepen the diagnostic and adapt the healing method and remedies.


Address: 34 Pasture Hill Road, Haywards Heath, UK

Phone: 07460854285


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