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Tracey Vaughan

Tracey Vaughan

Divine Hearts

I am a certified Usui Master Teacher and for me, the teaching of Reiki is what I love the most. It is wonderful to see people who may be quite sceptical at first, open up to this amazing energy tool.

In a nutshell……Reiki is universal energy.

If you are new to energy work then this is a great place to start. It is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that works with your own energy to promote natural healing. It can bring on deep relaxation which helps your body receive what is needed on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

All you need to do is lie back, relax and let the energy do its work.
Having regular sessions of Reiki can create positive shifts in unhealthy habits and thoughts, which leads to an increase in self-awareness and a positive mindset.
Working with your own energy is a great way to explore where feelings, thoughts and emotions are stored and how they are affecting your overall wellbeing.

Reiki can help with:

Deep relaxation
Release of emotions
Lack of motivation
Creative blocks

Whether you are interested in dipping into the world of Reiki for intrigue, using it for your own benefit or you would like to gain the confidence to take it all the way, then talk to me.
The best way to understand how Reiki works is to experience it.
As with all of my sessions, I allow you the space and time to process and ask any questions. The treatment speaks for itself, and my role is merely a guide to help you restore balance and harmony.

I work intuitively and holistically to help you gain the most from your session with tools to take away.
I am committed to my own self-development and I pursue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support my own learning and growth. All of the techniques that I share have been applied to my own life, with life-changing outcomes.

Address: Bartletts Mead, Bengeo, Hertford, SG14 3LW UK

Phone: 07957688097


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