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We are an independent organisation of individuals who have been attuned to Reiki, with the objective of providing support and guidance to Reiki professionals and to the public, with particular reference to education and training, and the public practice of Reiki.

Since 1999, we have worked extensively on promoting Reiki and best practice for practitioners and have grown into the largest Reiki-only professional organisation in the UK and Europe. We are passionate about Reiki and we provide expertise help to our members and the general public. We are well informed and knowledgeable with a wealth of research and experience, which we aim to pass on to other professionals to increase the awareness of Reiki through education and information. UK Reiki Federation representatives are continuously involved with the various groups which are working on revised standards for training of professional practitioners.

We are a not-for-profit professional organisation run by members for members and we are here for every step of your Reiki journey from a beginner to a professional.


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the ‘go to place’ where anyone (practitioner, teacher, interested party, medical professional etc.) will get the information that they need. We aim to keep this information accurate and up to date.

Our mission is to attain the highest possible level of professionalism in three areas:

• Education and Training

• Animal Reiki

• Research

We aim to be seen as the organisation that people come to when they need to find a teacher or practitioner.

We continue to raise the level of Reiki training and delivery to the highest possible standard so that anyone who uses our members can be assured of the best possible service.

Our Services & Activities

For Reiki Professionals

We encompass all styles of Usui Reiki within the Federation and encourage respect for the differences in belief and opinion that abound within the Reiki community.

Member Services

We provide advice and information about Reiki to our Members via a network of supporting teams, all run by members on a voluntary basis. These include area representatives, distance healing, education, media, pioneers, publications, regulation and research, in addition to support from our Admin Office and Management Committee.

Annual General Meeting & Festival

We organise an Annual General Meeting & Festival for members. These events are held at attractive venues and offer workshops, guest speakers and networking opportunities, as well as having a key governance role, and opportunity for members to meet with, and vote on the composition of the Management Committee.

Reiki Awareness Week

Our annual “Reiki Awareness Week” gives members the opportunity to raise awareness of Reiki in their area, while similar events are held nationally; we support and help to promote events held, listing details on the website.


We have a team who resource references for articles and research within the field of Reiki and who welcome input from members.


Public Services

Advice and information about Reiki can be found 24 hours a day, free, online on this website. Information from what is Reiki, finding practitioners and teachers near you including approved courses, guidelines on training, membership requirements, insurance referral, through to our Reiki Awareness Week and Annual General Meeting & Festival.

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Meet Our Team

  • Anne-Marie Carratu Acting Chair / Education Coordinator

    I joined the UK Reiki Federation in 2011 as Area Representative for Surrey and joined the management committee. I am currently Acting Chair and Education Coordinator. As a qualified Assessor, I am part of the team approving Reiki courses.

  • Jon Matson-Higgins Acting Vice Chair

    I joined the UK Reiki Federation in 2014. I am currently Acting Vice-Chair. As a qualified Assessor and an IQA, I am part of the team which approves Reiki courses.

  • Tom Jones Treasurer

    As treasurer I would like to play my part in supporting the UK Reiki Federation moving forwards. As a Practitioner and Teacher I hope to inspire the next generation of Reiki students and practitioners.

  • Louise Akehurst Service Provider/Administrator

    I am the service provider for the UK Reiki Federation. I provide all the administration at the office from new memberships, renewals, everyday administration tasks, telephone calls, emails and support for the Management Committee, Co-ordinators, members and general enquiries from the general public.

  • Janet O’Carroll Management Committee / PR & Marketing

    My personal visions for the future are further research/development into variety of healing disciplines, old and new. Expansion of funded free healing therapies/training available to a wider variety of carers in all areas of care for people and animals including ‘End of Life Healing’.

  • Ignaty Dyakov Management Committee / PR & Marketing

    I’ve been teaching various subjects since 2001, trained as a business mentor in 2012, was attuned to Reiki in the Himalayas and underwent a life coaching course in the UK in 2016. In my previous ‘incarnation’, I set up three businesses, published a series of language textbooks, became a chartered linguist and traveled the world.

  • Sue Malcolm Management Committee / Animal Reiki Coordinator

    My life’s mission is to help sick, abandoned and cruelly treated animals using holistic therapies, especially Reiki. I joined the UK Reiki Federation committee in 2015 to drive our Animal Reiki agenda and in 2017 I was co-opted on to the Reiki Council specifically in relation to Animal Reiki. My goal is for Animal Reiki to become a respected profession in its own right and for animals to benefit nationwide and worldwide.

  • Sarah Laing Management Committee / Distance Healing Coordinator

    I joined the Reiki fed in 2016 as a member, and I am honoured to be a part of the management committee, taking over the role of Distance Healing Coordinator. I am passionate about spreading the Reiki knowledge and empowering people for their health and well-being.

  • Sue Walsh Management Committee / National Coordinator

    I am so grateful for the roles I now hold within the UK Reiki Federation because I passionately believe that collaboration, not competition, is the way forward in Reiki. It’s my personal mission to spread warmth, joy and support to fellow practitioners; so that we can flourish, grow and share our journeys with each other and make a bigger difference in the world just by being ourselves – because surely that’s what we’re here for, right?

  • Anna Maria Walton Management Committee

    In 2012, I started my Reiki education joining a Reiki share group. In 2017, I moved up to Fife in Scotland, where I continue my work and am in the process of building a sanctuary to continue my journey.

  • Sylvia Clegg Office Volunteer

    I have been a UK Reiki Federation member since 2001 and have been working in the admin office as a volunteer since 2004. In addition to this, I have taken on a variety of roles as required, including area representative, part of the PR team assisting at events, administrative support for the research, development and pioneers. Plus being actively involved with events both in my own area and nationally.

Meet Our Community

Our community consists of full members, associate members, friends, student members and affiliate members.

Within our community we cover a variety of expert and organisational skills. For example, we have Area Representatives located through the UK and Europe, a National Coordinator who supports our hard-working volunteers, a clinical expert who responds to all queries of a clinical/medical nature, an archivist who maintains an archive of all our past important documentation, a Publications Coordinator who produces our three-monthly magazine Resonance and a range of sub committees.

Code of Ethics & Professional Practice

All practitioner members of the UK Reiki Federation will be required to sign their agreement to uphold this Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice and agree to abide by the Disciplinary Procedures as a condition of membership. This Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice is in the process of constant development and will be reviewed as necessary.


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The Connecting Reiki with Medicine Fund

Together we can make a difference to the future of Reiki and the quality of healthcare in the NHS.

We proudly support the Connecting Reiki with Medicine fund which enables clinical research of Reiki in acute medical settings. Case studies will lead to more understanding, acceptance and integration of Reiki in medical settings globally. Please consider donating what you can to support this landmark project. Find out more.

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