Welcome to the April issue of our newsUpdate.

This will be my final message as my term as Chair finishes at the end of April.

Firstly, it has been a pleasure and an honour to serve as a Board Member and latterly as Chair of the Board.

Prior to my time with CNHC, my involvement in the world of Osteopathy and Acupuncture had given me an insight into the challenges faced by the complementary sector in trying to be recognised and explaining the value these interventions had to offer patients. This challenge remains today but there are, amongst others, two major factors that need to be satisfied so that progress can be made.

Firstly, it is essential that anyone who purports to be a complementary therapist is able to show that they have been trained properly and thoroughly and have been assessed so they can be deemed to be competent. All Registrants on the CNHC register have passed this test and have shown that they are content to volunteer to be held to account for how they behave and treat patients. This shows that you have the highest levels of integrity and willingly adopt the highest values in what you do as a practitioner.

As you know, you are not required to register with CNHC but you choose to do so. Ask yourself why you have chosen to take this action and why others have not. I like to think that everyone on our register does this because they care passionately about providing excellent care and being professional – you stand tall to support excellence.

I know many people ask what is the point of joining an accredited register and my response has always been that it provides you with a competitive advantage over those who do not. It gives you tangible proof that you have done everything you can to give your patients confidence that you will behave properly and do all you can to help them.

This is something that cannot be underestimated so my advice is to shout it from the rooftops!

Secondly, the collection of patient reported outcomes is critical in showing the value complementary therapies provide. In my view this is the most important area where progress needs to be made, as it provides the foundation for other more established healthcare professionals to have the confidence to refer patients to you in the knowledge that you add value.

So that is the challenge going forward.

Finally, I would like to thank Margaret Coats, CNHC’s Chief Executive and Registrar, and all the staff for their support for me during my tenure and also my colleagues on the Board. I know I leave you in safe hands and wish my successor Iain McInnes every success.


With effect from 1 May 2021 CNHC has appointed the following new members of the Board

  • Lay: Ann Godsell and Sir Kevin Barron
  • Registrant : Jennifer Barnes-Hill, Teija Barr and Lynsey Metcalfe.



As restrictions have eased in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, all CNHC Registrants in the UK are now able to see clients in person. You must follow the current guidance for working safely in the country your practice is based in.



St Christopher’s Hospice: Community Complementary Therapist
St Christopher’s Hospice has a vacancy in its Complementary Therapies team, who offer one-to-one sessions to outpatients, inpatients and patients living in the community, as well as carers and family members.

Optibac: Nutritional Advisor and Content Writer
Optibac is a family run company producing an awarding-winning probiotic supplement range. They are recruiting for two new members of staff to join their team of friendly, caring and knowledgeable nutrition professionals and friendly bacteria experts.

Advertise your vacancies on the CNHC website
If your would like us to advertise your job or volunteering opportunities to our Registrants, please contact us at info@cnhc.org.uk




Registration is open for ECIM 2021 which will take place in London on 5 to 7 November 2021.
CNHC Registrants can register for the event at the ECIM members rate. You can find the discount code by logging into MyCNHC.


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