Update for CNHC Registrants providing close contact services in Northern Ireland

On 15 October the First Minster announced a temporary “circuit-breaker” lockdown for an initial period of 4 weeks which came into effect on at 6pm om Friday 16 October 2020. The restrictions announced included: “Closure of close contact services apart from those meeting essential health needs which will be defined in the regulations to ensure continuation of essential health interventions and therapeutics.”

Detailed regulations have now been published which confirm that close contact (‘hands-on’) complementary therapies are not included in the exceptions.

What does it mean for CNHC Registrants providing close contact services in Northern Ireland?
From 6pm today, all CNHC Registrants with practices based in Northern Ireland who provide close-contact services (i.e. hands-on therapies where social distancing is not possible) must stop working for the next 4 weeks.

Regulations and further information
The updated regulations guidance can be found here.

We advise you to check The Executive Office website and ni direct on a regular basis to keep up to date with any further changes.

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