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My journey began with a lift to the nearest railway station to pick up the early morning London train. After a couple of train changes and bus rides I eventually arrived at Gatwick Airport to catch the 13.35 EasyJet flight to Geneva. It was a lovely day and the flight was uneventful. The plane landed at 18.15 (Geneva is one hour ahead of the UK) and after a taxi ride to La Fumisterie, a café bar in the centre of Geneva, I was soon joined by the other delegates.

Francis Vendrell – Swiss Reiki
René Vögtli – Swiss Reiki
Angela Zellner – ProReiki Germany Chinta Strubin – Swiss Reiki

Jojan Jonker – Academics, Netherlands Berthy Cambier
João Magalhaes – PRA Portugal
Silvia Oliveira – ARCJ Portugal

Helma Radar – TRA, Netherlands Niek Radar
Erna Janisch – OBRT, Austria Leopold Spindelberg – OBRT, Austria Christiane Krempl – OBRT, Austria

We had a lovely meal and talked for a long time. Eventually, we departed La Fumisterie and headed for our hotel a few kilometres away.


August 31st

After a restful night and a pleasant breakfast, we headed for the bus stop and took a bus to the Swiss Reiki Centre in Geneva (Francis’s school). We were welcomed to Geneva by Francis Vendrell and were soon joined by Marie Marin – LFRU, France. Our day began with a Reiki Circle. We were given the programme for the next two days and then each participant gave a short presentation about their own organisation and country.

Reiki Alliance – The Netherlands
Helma and Niek
450 participants (not members)


Academics – the Netherlands
Jojan and Berthy
Jojan has just published his book ‘Reiki – The Transfiguration of a Japanese Spiritual Healing Practice’. Research for this text was completed with Canadian, American, Japanese and Dutch input.


Swiss Reiki – Switzerland
Francis and Chinta
Founded in 2009. Has 65 members who are mostly from the French speaking area of Switzerland. Members study for the Federal Diploma in Complementary Therapies which takes more than 900 hours of study. Swiss Reiki are sharing their research with the ERG.


ProReiki – Germany
Founded in 2011. Have 19 founding members. Their mission statement is ‘Reiki for Everybody, all in one’ They are the only professional organisation in Germany and now have 520 members. They also have 600 honorary members including Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Don Alexander.


Austrian Professional Association for Certified Reiki therapists
Erna, Leopold and Christiane
80 members. Historically, Reiki was seen as a religious sect in Austria. Recently, this has changed, and Reiki practitioners are now part of a group of energetic healers in the Department of Trade. This has given them credence. The group has many areas of ongoing research including sleep problems, chronic pain, heart problems, headaches, eye problems and joint pain.


LFRU – France
Founded in 2009. 558 members – all of whom are either professional practitioners or teachers (or both). There is a state diploma for Reiki. Still seen as a sect in many areas of France.


PRA – Portugal
João and Silvia
850 members. 80 volunteer projects with 200 volunteers in total. Volunteers are working in hospitals, care homes, animal shelters etc. They have 100+ research studies all published in English. Silvia has her own project working with children, mostly in schools.

Each of us presented a gift from our own country. I took a bag of bee bombs (a small sack filled with clay pellets containing 18 native wildflower species) for the garden at the Reiki Centre plus a box of English chocolates. After a break for tea, Francis, Angela, Chinta and René (the founding members of ERG) explained the concept and the background to the European Reiki Group. We discussed the history, values, vision and goals. The first goal was to write a vision statement and charter. Our discussions were very productive, and we were all involved until 13.30 when we stopped for lunch. A short walk took us to a Chinese restaurant where we had another lovely meal and continued our discussions.

After lunch we were joined via video conferencing by John Curtin from Spanish Reiki and Dori Beeler, a researcher at John Hopkins University and a medical anthropologist. Dori & Jojan are working on various research papers including https://www.cesnur.org/2017/jer_horowitz_jonker_beeler_powerpoint.pdf

We spent the remainder of Friday afternoon discussing the structure of the European Reiki Group and writing a charter or vision statement. After much discussion where everyone contributed their ideas, the vision statement we decided upon is:-

ERG enhances coherence within the Reiki community on all levels.

We finished at 18.00 and enjoyed a group dinner at a restaurant which opened specially for us!


Saturday September 1st

Another restful night followed by breakfast and check out from the hotel. We then made our way back to the Reiki Centre.
We started with a drink and catch up and then the Portuguese group ARCJ, a group who work with children, gave a presentation.

Silvia shared her book with us – Super Reikinho. It is the story of a Reiki Superhero for children.

Next Jojan gave a presentation on the future of Reiki. He introduced us to his book ‘Reiki – The Transmigration of a Japanese Spiritual Healing Practice’.

Finally, we discussed the future vision for ERG and shared out the job roles.

The next ERG meeting (in August 2019) will be in Vienna. I am expected to attend as one of the Core Team.

I have been invited to speak about the UKRF at the Portuguese Reiki Congress next month. And have also been invited to Germany to attend their meeting.

Lastly, and biggest news, is that we are invited to the ‘Circle of One’ in Japan in 2022 (100-year anniversary of Usui Reiki). It is hoped that 1,000 Reiki people will join the circle in Japan and other organisations will organise their own Circles at the same moment!!!

Please see https://www.jojan.nl/japan2022.html

We also have three confirmed ERG speakers for the UKRF 2019 Festival in Dunfermline, Fife on 11th May.

João and Sylvia from Portuguese Reiki – they are working with children and Reiki in socially deprived areas. Considering that Reiki has been banned in some areas of Portugal they are doing ground breaking work.

Frances from Swiss Reiki on the European Reiki Group introducing our project and plans

René also from Switzerland but from ProReiki who will present his work on Reconciliation in Reiki and the 2022 project.

Not only was the UKRF the only Reiki organisation in the UK to attend this conference, Annie, therefore the UKRF, is now part of the core ERG team for future planning and discussions.


Annie Harrington
Chair UKRF

Find out more about the European Reiki Group: www.reiki.group

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