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The education sector within the UK Reiki Federation has grown exponentially in the last few years. With the development of the Reiki Regulation Working Group in 2003 we started the movement to get Reiki recognised alongside mainstream medicine. To achieve this, we needed to seek regulation. Reiki groups were invited to participate in the Reiki Regulation Working Group and five years of intense work saw the birth of the CNHC, one of the voluntary regulators for Complementary Therapies. Hard work and dedication achieved the recognition of Reiki by CNHC and we were on our way.

Now we had to prove that we were competent. This we have done through our passion for education. We work tirelessly to check Reiki training and qualifications to ensure that they meet the requirements for CNHC registration. We provide advice and guidance to both our members and non-members on how to achieve approval. We now have two qualified assessors on the Management Committee and we aim to increase this number over the next five years. We are also very keen to encourage every member of the Management Committee to be registered with CNHC and, if they are Master Teachers, to have their courses approved for inclusion on the UKRF website and registered with CNHC.

The Reiki Regulation Working Group eventually became the Reiki Council and our latest plan is to develop a Reiki Centre of Excellence. Although this will be a virtual building, it will be very real. We will produce basic structures for manuals that all Reiki teachers will be able to access and add their own personality to. We will provide guidance on assessment and verification. Although this will take time to develop we would like to hold exemplar assessments, lesson plans and other resources that will support our Reiki Masters.

Members groups of the Reiki Council will continue to approve both practitioners and courses for the CNHC, but we will use the same documents and the same processes to provide transparency for all members.


Continuing Professional Development

Alongside our CNHC and UKRF approval process we also offer CPD courses. These are offered to members at a reduced rate and are open to non-members.

Some of the courses are online:

  • CPD microteach
  • Data Protection e-learning


While others are face to face:

  • First Aid
  • Awakening the Violet Flame Chakra

We are constantly looking for CPD courses that we can offer and appreciate any input from our members.

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