Voluntary Self-Regulation - Introduction

Currently in the UK we have voluntary self regulation for complementary therapies i.e. it is not compulsory. It is the person doing the Reiki who is regulated, not the Reiki itself, i.e. it is how they work and their interaction with the public.

Regulatory Bodies

The Regulator regulates the practice of Reiki (and other therapies/disciplines), primarily to protect the public. There are currently two Regulatory Bodies accepting registration from practitioners of Reiki and other complementary therapies in the UK.

Advisory Bodies

In order for Regulation to be effective and representative of the discipline being regulated, there were many stakeholders and advisers who were consulted during the regulatory process, and who will continue to be involved.

Professional Associations

There are currently a number of professional associations representing Reiki practitioners in the UK, of which the UK Reiki Federation is one of the largest.

Course Accreditation & Awarding Bodies

The Qualification Process

For qualifications to be formally accredited they need to meet certain criteria, including linking to the National Occupational Standards ie for Reiki.

FAQ - Reiki Regulation

Frequently asked questions about the regulation of Reiki in the UK, particularly the process of Voluntary Self-Regulation (VSR), and the various organisations implementing it.