Connecting Reiki with Medicine – your opportunity to revolutionise the way Reiki integrates with the medical profession

Dear Reiki Friends, Practitioners and Teachers

Working with Reiki in Hospital

This is a personal invitation to you from all the organisations within the Reiki Council. We need your help to change the way that Reiki is used in hospitals. Join the growing number of people supporting and raising funds for this amazing venture currently running at St George’s Hospital, Tooting.

Here’s the background:

Over the last 16 months two Reiki practitioners have been trained extensively by Connecting Reiki with Medicine (CRwM) to work within acute medical wards at St George’s Hospital in haematology, oncology, paediatrics and with bone marrow transplants. They have been giving Reiki to people with the most serious illnesses and every Reiki treatment has been recorded on patients’ notes by Reiki practitioners themselves – imagine!

Launched by the charity Full Circle Fund, CRwM is a ground-breaking initiative providing Reiki treatments for patients and staff in areas of critical need and carrying out quality research into Reiki benefits within clinical environments.

Reiki practitioners Teresa Durant and Anne-Marie Carratu have now started their in-depth training and we are planning to introduce four more practitioners so that Reiki will be available every day of the week at St George’s Hospital.

What CRwM is achieving is unprecedented. It is a clarion call to all medical professionals. We shall be waking everybody up!

So where do we go from here?

Already, case reports from patients and treatment notes with patient outcomes are being collected and analysed. Emergent themes will be identified, upon which case studies can be built.

A professional and independent researcher will assess outcomes and be able to put together well-designed research based on the most promising avenues. For the first time, we shall have in-depth research that will be hospital based and to which medical professionals will refer. Up until CRwM began their work, no record of any Reiki treatment had ever been recorded in patient notes. Now we are beginning to change all this. Potentially we shall be bringing evidence-based Reiki projects to a hospital near you!

How fantastic would it be if every patient in your local hospital had the opportunity to receive Reiki.

This is a game-changing project

But all this research costs money. So we are asking you to do something, however large or small, to help us raise the initial project cost of £90,000. We already have £15,772.66 given in donations with a further £5,000 pledged.
If every Reiki practitioner and teacher in the country simply donated the price of one cup of coffee, we would soon be there – but for something so important perhaps we can do better.

How can you play your part and keep this amazing project rolling forward?

Can you:
• donate the proceeds from your next Reiki Share to the project or fundraise at your Reiki shares
• organise a sponsored event: running, swimming, cycling, anything you can think of that you would enjoy doing
– Francesca Walsh raised £1,152 doing a cold-water swim – brrhh!
• donate the proceeds from your next Reiki treatment, or bring together family and friends for Reiki treatments and ask for donations
• share the great presentation produced by Rosemary Pharo, Reiki Council,
• share these two fundraising videos with all your Reiki friends, especially those who aren’t in any of the member organisations:
Short version:
Full version:
• share the fundraising link in all posts and communications

Let’s make it go viral!

We look forward to sharing updates with you soon.

With much gratitude and Reiki

Brenda Davies

The Reiki Council