CNHC participates in NICE Shared Decision-Making Collaborative

Following CNHC’s participation in the roundtable meetings with NICE Deputy Chief Executive, Professor Gillian Leng in January and May 2017, Chief Executive Margaret Coats was invited to attend NICE’s Shared Decision-Making Collaborative in June. This event is part of the way NICE explores how it can support shared decision-making with patients through its guidance and tools. Shared decision-making means fully involving patients in decisions made about their care.

The audience included delegates from NHS England, NHS Lothian, the General Medical Council, Health Education England, Healthwatch England, National Voices and a range of universities and patient representative organisations.

The day involved reviewing progress made by NICE since 2016 in taking forward shared decision-making and looking at new ways forward.

CNHC Chief Executive Margaret Coats who attended the event commented: “It was a really interesting day, with excellent speakers. I found the opportunity in group discussions to raise the role of our registrants and I made some good connections which we can follow-up in the coming months. It’s so useful for us to have the opportunity to meet with key people at national and UK wide events such as this. It helps us raise awareness about CNHC and complementary healthcare more generally which is a key part of our work.”

• Advertising update

Make sure your advertising meets the Advertising Codes which apply to all advertisers in the UK, not just CNHC registrants. If you haven’t already done so we recommend you read CNHC’s Advertising Guidance which you can find on the ‘Guidance for Registrants’ page of our website under ‘Publications’. If you work with people who have Cancer and you advertise your work it is also important that you read our CNHC Guidance on the Cancer Act 1939 which is also available on our website under ‘Publications’.

• Holistic Business Awards

A reminder that applications for this year’s Holistic Business Awards are open. The Awards include Best Practitioner, Best New Business and Inspiration Awards. You can find out more and enter or nominate a practitioner here: Closing date 4th August 2017.

CNHC registrants have achieved great success in these awards and you can read more in our CNHC November 2016 newsupdate and CNHC March 2016 news update.


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