• Election process for CNHC Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu PSBs has begun

Profession Specific Board (PSB) members are elected by registrants to give CNHC registered practitioners a direct say in who will act as advisers to CNHC’s Board.

Any CNHC registrant from Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu is able to stand for election for the relevant PSB, including those who are currently members of the PSB. All CNHC registered Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu practitioners have been invited to stand for election.

Candidates are required to set out in no more than 600 words how their background and experience meet CNHC’s essential criteria using the Election Statement Template provided. The deadline for receipt of election statements is 5pm on Friday 18 November 2016.

On Tuesday 22 November 2016 the election statements will be made available to the CNHC registered practitioners of each discipline in the CNHC Resources section of MyCNHC. All CNHC registered Aromatherapists, Reflexologists and Shiatsu practitioners will be invited to vote electronically. The closing date for voting will be midnight on Friday 2 December 2016.

Successful candidates will be notified on Monday 5 December 2016 and results will be published. You can see full details of these PSB elections here: PSB election timetable

• Advertising update

Make sure that your advertising meets the Advertising Codes, which apply to all advertisers in the UK. If you have not already done so we recommend you read CNHC’s Advertising Guidance which you can find on the ‘Guidance for Registrants’ page of our website under ‘Publications’. If you work with people who have Cancer and you advertise your work it is also important that you read our CNHC Guidance on the Cancer Act 1939 which is also available on our website under ‘Publications’.

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