This page answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Membership Criteria, the Joining process, and Membership Services and Benefits. Please also read the more detailed pages in this section though!

Membership Criteria


Please also see other FAQs in appropriate site sections. In particular, existing members please see the page FAQs by Members (members only).

I have not had a gap of 9 months between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, can I join as a practitioner member?

The requirement for Practitioner level of membership is 9 months since Reiki 1, and you must also hold Reiki 2. There is no requirement for a gap of 9 months between 1 and 2. There is no stipulation about how long you have held Reiki 2.

I took my Reiki 1 and 2 recently, can I now join as a Practitioner?

The requirement for Practitioner level of membership is 9 months since Reiki 1, and you must also hold Reiki 2. You can join as an Associate at present then upgrade to Practitioner status if you wish when the 9 months has gone.

What lineages and practices are deemed acceptable for membership by UKRF Agreed Standards?

Please see About Lineages.

Distant attunements: I have not had face-to-face attunement but am a Reiki Master Teacher. Can I still become a member?

Although the principle of Distant Attunements is acknowledged, the UK Reiki Federation believes that individuals should have personal contact and tutoring with a teacher, particularly at levels 1 and 2. In our opinion it is important to have time with your teacher in order to receive appropriate support during your development. For this reason the UK Reiki Federation does not accept Distant Attunements for membership of the Federation.

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Joining Process

I want to take out insurance and to join the Federation but it says that I need insurance in order to join as a practitioner member. What do I do?

You send in the insurance application direct to Balens, and your application for UKRF membership to the UK Reiki Federation. Remember to tick the relevant box on your membership application form to indicate that you have sent an insurance application to Balens.

How long does it take to process an application?

We ask for 28 working days to process applications although we usually complete them in much less time. However, we would encourage individuals not to call us after only a week or two just to check how things are going, we will process at the earliest opportunity.

If I join as a Student how do I upgrade later?

When you joined as a Student, your teacher confirmed that you were undertaking a Reiki Course. Once you receive your certificate to confirm your training is complete, you simply need to send us a copy and we will automatically upgrade your membership to that of Associate.

If I join as an Associate can I upgrade later?

Yes you can upgrade to one of the Practitioner categories when you meet the full criteria, or by choice if you had previously opted to only become an Associate member. You need to fill in a new application form and mark it “upgrade”, then send in quoting your membership number. The payment required is the difference between Associate and Practitioner level, or 50% of that amount if your renewal is less than 6 months away.

I live overseas, can I become a member?

We offer both a European and Worldwide membership, which offers membership to those living abroad. However, for those who opt for Practitioner membership, you may not be listed on the Practitioner listings unless we have evidence of practitioner insurance cover within the country in which you are practising. You can still be a Practitioner member, but without the listing. This applies to European and Worldwide membership only.

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Membership Services and Benefits

Can I buy leaflets about Reiki or about the Federation from you?

Yes, members may buy leaflets and full information is given in the regular newsletters. Many teachers buy the Federation information leaflets for issue to their students. The Client/Patient leaflets are popular for use by practitioners with their clients.

Can I get insurance through you?

If you are a member of our Federation, or thinking of joining, you can apply for preferential rate insurance through our Block Scheme with Balens. The insurance application form is available for download from this website, together with membership application forms.

I do other therapies as well as Reiki, can I get insurance for them?

All our members are eligible to apply for insurance through our Block Scheme with Balens, which gives you the option of cover for other therapies. If you have more specific queries on insurance please contact Balens direct. The insurance application form is available for download from this website, together with membership application forms.

I want insurance which will cover me for short periods when working overseas, can you help?

You will need to speak to Balens about this, as we believe that there may be some short term provision within our Block Scheme. However, there is probably a restriction on the number of days covered and you will need to check this out with them. Balens can be contacted on 01684 893006

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Other Questions

I would like to find a Reiki Teacher, can you give me any guidance?

When looking for a Reiki teacher, we advise that you shop around and get a treatment from a prospective teacher before undertaking any training. Ask lots of questions and speak to Reiki Practitioners about their experiences. Ask about how much teacher to student time you get, course length, supporting materials including manuals etc and what support there is after you train (fortnightly practice groups etc). Also ask about insurance and how long they have been teaching. Teachers should be familiar with the National Occupational Standards and Core Curriculum, which recommend a minimum training period of 9 months, and be aware of what Practitioners will need to be taught for professional levels of practice ie the requirements of the NOS and the recommendations of the Reiki Core Curriculum. For those who wish to learn for personal use there is no requirement to follow the recommendations in the NOS or Core Curriculum, unless required by the teacher.

Prices can vary greatly, though the higher price by no means guarantees a superior level of training. Prices vary greatly, and may be from as little as £50-£350 on average for Reiki I and range from 1-3 days. Please be aware that Practitioner training is likely to be much higher.

You will find a list of teachers here on this website in the section "Find Practitioners Teachers & Courses" and you can select someone local to you.

Teachers on this listing have used reiki for at least 1 year, hold a reiki teacher certificate and have practitioner insurance. They have also signed and agreed to abide by the UK Reiki Federation's Code of Ethics. They should also be able to provide you with a full Reiki lineage back to Mikao Usui.

The UK Reiki Federation accepts no responsibility for the contract between student and teacher.

I would like to find a Reiki Practitioner, can you give me any guidance?

You can find a list of practitioners registered with the UK Reiki Federation on this website in the section "Find Practitioners Teachers & Courses" and you can select someone local to you.

When looking for a Reiki Practitioner, we advise that you shop around, ask lots of questions including such things as length of treatment, how the treatment is carried out, how long they have been practising, are they a member of a professional body such as the UK Reiki Federation, and are they insured. For practitioners to be included on our listings they have to meet certain criteria ie have at least 9 months' experience since taking Reiki I, have Reiki Level II or above, can provide a lineage back to Mikao Usui and hold practitioner insurance. They also have to agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. Please note that most of those listed as teachers are also practitioners.

Prices can vary greatly, though the higher price by no means guarantees a superior level of treatment.

In addition practitioners should preferably be on the register of a national Regulatory Body, such as the GRCCT (General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapy) or CNHC (The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council).

If regulation is voluntary, surely associations and federations should still accommodate and accept Reiki Practitioners who choose not to participate in self regulation – otherwise it is not voluntary but becomes either exclusive or mandatory?

That is correct, the UK Reiki Federation does not insist that its members sign up with a regulator, but we cannot speak for other organisations who we know may do so. However, we believe that registering with the regulator would be advantageous to the practitioner to enhance their professionalism and have more credence with the public. See Regulatory Bodies for more.

Can you please tell me if I should be paying a Reiki Teacher for Training who isn’t a member of the UK Reiki Federation?

Neither practitioners nor teachers have to be members of the UK Reiki Federation. We would, however, recommend that if you do undertake training that the person is a member of a professional organisation, such as the UK Reiki Federation. One reason we recommend this is that they would then need to be abiding by a Code of Ethics and you would have recourse if there were any problems.

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