As one of the largest and most respected Reiki Organisations in the UK we are increasingly being seen as the first port of call for Reiki professionals and the public. For our members, we offer a variety of services and a community of practice, as well as public services and information, and confirmation to potential clients and colleagues of the minimum levels of training and professional development that we require of members.

* Current Members *

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Codes of Ethics

In order to maintain standards of ethics and good practice, all members agree to abide by the Codes of Ethics.

National Co-ordination and Networking

The UK Reiki Federation supports a network of Area Representatives who volunteer to act as the local contact for members. This encourages opportunities for shared activities within areas and regions.

About NCN & contact Area Reps (members only).

Practitioner Insurance

Balens LogoAll members of the Federation are eligible to apply for insurance through the Federation's block scheme.

For more see: Practitioner Insurance.

Reiki Shares

The Federation produces a list of Reiki Shares/Meetings organised by its members. This is circulated annually to all members.

More about Reiki Share (members only).

Distance Reiki Network

UK Reiki Federation members have networked together to offer distant Reiki for members, their clients, family and friends.

More about the Distance Reiki Network (members only).

Resonance Magazine & Newsletters

Our magazine allows members to submit articles for possible inclusion in the Resonance Magazine, which is usually published twice a year. Articles are included at the discretion of the Editor. Information on the Federation and other reiki-related issues are also included, as are advertisements placed by members.

See: Resonance Submission Guidelines & Deadlines (members only).

Additional Benefits for Practitioner Members

Practitioner List

One of the benefits for Practitioner Members is the opportunity to be included on the Practitioner and Teacher Listing. The main listing is held within the UK Reiki Federation's Admin Office and is available for quick reference for both practitioners and teachers; this is effective once membership has been confirmed, and is updated weekly. The Federation also includes details of practitioners on the website listings, which are updated monthly.

Practitioner Packs

Practitioner Members receive a copy of the pack which contains information such as client record guidelines, sample client contract, research information etc. This is only available to Practitioner Members.

See: Practitioner Pack list of contents (members only).

Additional copies of key leaflets are available to purchase - see Member Publications (members only).

Participation in various events and networks

See: Activities & Services.

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Member Publications (members only)

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